BioSafe Systems is excited to announce the hire of John David Cass as Technical Representative for the Mid-Southern Region, including Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, for the agrichemical division, supporting the crop protection, water treatment and food safety business segments. This addition to the BioSafe team is especially exciting, as it now provides our agriculture division with 90% coverage in the United States. Based in Leming, TX, John David will spearhead sales goals to establish consistent, direct communication with strategic distribution partners, growers/packers and market influencers.

John David has worked in the agriculture field for over 20 years, both as a farmer and on the corporate side. Previously, he held positions in several large agricultural retail outlets, focusing on many row crops including cotton, corn, chilies, onions and other vegetable crops, and more recently has owned and operated a crop consulting business in South Texas. John David has a CCA, and holds a degree in agronomy from Texas A&M University.

Says John David about his new position at BioSafe, “I am excited to join the BioSafe Systems team as it gives me the chance to be back on local farms working with growers, packers and distributors. I appreciate the strides BioSafe has taken to provide unique solutions to growers, while providing environmentally responsible chemistries to help manage plant and soil pathogens. I’m exceptionally pleased to be involved with the company’s rapidly growing food safety product line and am eager to begin my new career with BioSafe.”

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