Once again Detectamet has made good use of its unique metal detectable and X-Ray visible plastic to create a new tool for users of whiteboard systems in the food industry with less risk of contamination.

“We have combined a whiteboard cleaner and a marker pen holder in one tool” explained Sean Smith the company’s Chairman “and it is made from our proven double detectable plastic.”

The holder will take two of Detectamet’s popular retractable or non-retractable whiteboard markers and it has a magnetic strip that can fix the new tool to any ferrous metal frame or the metal backing board often used in whiteboard construction. Users can keep the Eraser/ Holder in a tidy place where the markers are in plain sight and within easy reach.

“When making a presentation on a whiteboard I always feel more comfortable when the markers are to hand and you can use the magnetic strip to place this holder where it is best for you to make an uninterrupted and flowing presentation“ said Sean.

The non-scratch pad is designed to quickly clean the dried marker ink from the whiteboard without damage to the writing surface. The holding facility not only keeps the pens within reach, but can also reduce the chances of their loss to who-knows-where within the food processing facility.

The double detectability reduces the risk of contamination especially when a food manufacturer uses whiteboards to inform and schedule the process plans in areas adjacent to the food processing activities.

For more information, visit www.detectamet.com.