Time-poor consumers and food processing companies alike will gain significant benefits from the latest new product from international developer and supplier of innovative packaging solutions, KM Packaging Services Ltd. The newest addition to its K Steam range not only increases the shelf life of fresh produce but also reduces the in-pack cooking time.

This new K Steam packaging film is ideally suited to microwave steam cooking of fresh vegetables, fish and seafood; it enables pressure to build within the tray during cooking, ensuring shorter cooking times combined with retention of excellent flavour, moisture, texture and nutritional content. Easily peelable seals following cooking are a given, as is security of the seal during distribution and retail.

In addition, K Steam allows fresh vegetables to ‘breathe’ for longer through the processes of packaging, distribution and retail, ensuring longer shelf life and increased freshness. The new film can be supplied as peel seal or weld seal, with or without KM’s anti-fog – a range of innovative treatments headed by market-leading flagship product KM Klarity+.

KM Packaging’s Commercial Director Graham Holding explained: “In today’s pressurised retail environment, shoppers are looking for the best solutions that will save them the most time, but with no detriment to the eating experience in terms of flavour and texture. Our K Steam film offers the best of both worlds: improved shelf life combined with reduced cooking time, so everyone wins.”

KM Packaging is constantly investing in new technologies and flexible packaging solutions. The company’s flexibility and commitment to rapid turnaround mean that it can meet demand for both high volume orders and also fast delivery on short-run seasonal products. For more information about the company and its vast range of flexible and reliable packaging solutions, please visit the website www.kmpack.co.uk or call 01832 274944.