Chicago Meat Authority, celebrating its 28th year in business, gave five employees awards for reaching 25 years of service, two for reaching 10 years of service and 53 for reaching the five-year level. The privately held boning and portion control operation is located in the historic Chicago stockyards and employees 300 specialty butchers who customize meat for selective chefs.

“We think a career with a company that appreciates and values its employees is much more important than any job,” said Jordan Dorfman, president. “As we begin our 28th year in business, we want to salute the employees who have made Chicago Meat Authority much more than just a job, they have made it a home, a family, a life-long career.”

CMA is an independent processor of high-quality beef, pork and chicken. The company sells to the hotel, restaurant and institutional markets in addition to meat purveyors and multi-unit regional and national chains. The company employs 300 specialty butchers who customize meat for selective chefs. Twenty-five percent of butchers on staff have more than 15 years of experience and 40% have more than five years of experience.

Chicago Meat Authority began in 1990, encompasses 80,000 square feet and produces sales of $125 million per year. The company specializes in custom cuts for further processors including grinding operations, deli manufacturers and the meat snacks market. The company’s mission is to be the preferred supplier of its customers, the preferred customer of its strategic suppliers and a model employer in the industry.

Source: Chicago Meat Authority