The American Meat Science Association’s (AMSA) Reciprocal Meat Conference (RMC) has always been a place for researchers and industry professionals to gather and discuss research and hot topics within the meat industry. In recent years, more and more student-centered events have been added to make it an event that students also look forward to attending year after year. On June 24-27, meat scientists from across the country will gather in Kansas City, Mo., where they will be hosted by Smithfield Foods and other local AMSA members from at the 71st RMC.

The opening keynote presentation, "Out of the Frying Pan and Off the Fire: Global Politics Looking to Take Meat off the Menu", will be led by Karl Brophy, the Founder and CEO of Red Flag, a global risk analysis and campaigning agency. With Brophy’s experience and knowledge of working with some of the world’s largest corporations and industry associations, he has great insights to share regarding global political trends. The once-niche topics of food science, nutrition and safety have changed dramatically. International bodies such as the World Health Organization and dogmatic activists are increasingly influencing food regulation using skilled communication techniques. Where have we been? What have we learned? And how are we going to counter these trends? Following this keynote presentation will be sessions on The Future of Cultured Protein, State of the Domestic and Global Meat Industry and Applied and Omic Approaches to Fresh Meat Quality Defects.

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Tuesday morning will begin with a presentation on "Trust, Transparency, and Communicating Science" by Trevor Butterworth, founding executive director of Sense About Science, USA. Butterworth has written for the Washington Post, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and the New, among many other publications.  This presentation will focus on the reality that facts rarely change people’s beliefs. What does that mean for scientific integrity and progress moving forward? Following this keynote will be sessions on Marinated Products: A Look at the Other Processed Meat; Meat & Nutrition – Sustaining Healthy Protein Sources; and Food Safety – Pathogen Detection and Microbiological Testing.

Following the Monday and Tuesday morning sessions, there will be afternoon sessions giving attendees the chance to view some of the cutting-edge research taking place in the meat science community. Attendees will also have a chance to hear from some of the leading experts in the industry on a variety of topics.  

Wednesday morning will start with a lively debate focusing on Current Perspectives in Meat Science. This interactive roundtable is intended to engender discussion of foremost meat science topics our industry faces. Each topic will include a seven-minute presentation in support of followed by a seven-minute presentation in opposition of the proposed topic question. Following this debate will be sessions on Building the Perfect Beef Carcass, A Live Animal and Carcass Demonstration; Incubating Research and Development -Teaching, Leading and Manufacturing; and BBQ – History, Trends and Educational Outreach.

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RMC attendance continues to grow, and with that the number of students that attend RMC has surpassed expectations. These students are passionate, engaged and excited about the meat industry and what the future holds for them and their colleagues. As the student attendee numbers rise, so does their participation in the many events that take place at the annual RMC, including the undergraduate quiz bowl competition, career and networking fair, research presentation sessions, mentor program, as well as the product development competitions. Countless hours are devoted to planning, training, and preparing for the events that will occur in June, but there is one event that these students cannot plan for in advance: the Iron Chef competition, in which their culinary knowledge will be put to the test. 

The AMSA’s 71st RMC has something unique for each attendee — whether it is networking with peers, enjoying social events or learning the latest cutting-edge research from industry experts, you are sure to find it in Kansas City, Missouri this summer.  NP

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