GloDea is introducing to the Americas markets the distribution of its antimicrobial AM Gloves focused on the food service industry. The d2p technology is the integration of the antimicrobial active ingredient into the product, making it active for the life of the product. Food service gloves are made with HDPE or TPE which are used when handling and preparing food. Fast-food chains are prime examples of key users. GloDea is accepting preorders with delivery within 60 days.

The food service gloves are the first of many types of antimicrobial gloves made with the AM gloves technology that will be introduced exclusively by GloDea to the Americas markets. The GloDea Gloves are sanitized and protected by the d2p technology from contamination caused by bacteria and fungi and all at a competitive price.

What does d2p mean?
d2p stands for “designed to protect.”

d2p antimicrobial technology is a process to integrate an antimicrobial active into plastics to become an essential part of the finished product. It provides a broad spectrum of antimicrobial performance against a wide range of microorganisms including: MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Pseudomonas, Candida, Corynebacterium, Klebsiella, etc.

 How d2p works:
- d2p is present both inside and outside the glove as it is integrated into the product during the manufacturing process

- d2p attacks and breaks the microorganism cell membrane and penetrates the microorganism

- d2p disrupts membrane transport by blocking the proton pump that energizes the transport mechanism and the microorganism ceases to function

- d2p remains active for the full life cycle of the glove.

 GloDea Gloves’ Kill Rate and Test Results:
- All tests conducted by independent, ISO 17025-certified laboratories:

- Antimicrobial Test Laboratories, USA

- Intertek Worldwide Laboratories

- Situ Biosciences LLC, USA

- Antimicrobial: 99.99999% reduction against S. Aureus  ISO 22196

- Antimicrobial: 99.99999% reduction against E. Coli ISO 22196

- Antifungal: No mold growth after 28-day exposure to a mixture of fungi ASTM G21

“The complete line of the GloDea AM Gloves is available in different sizes and is used in medical examinations (Nitrile), food handling (TPE & HDPE), and cleaning (Nitrile).”