In recent years, Hollymatic has made great strides to improve worker safety at meat & poultry processing facilities. In 2016, they introduced the Defender 4000 Band Saw that uses patented state-of-the-art technology to provide features and benefits not available on other meat saws. In 2018, Hollymatic also released the Defender PC1500 Poultry Cutter. Both pieces of equipment stop the blade in under 8 milliseconds to greatly reduce the risk of operator injury and amputation. In addition, there is no damage to the saw.

Now, Hollymatic is introducing another safety-centric system that works with any piece of equipment from 200 to 500 volts. The LOTOS (Lock Out Tag Out System) replaces standard disconnect operations on processing equipment. Hollymatic’s LOTOS disconnect senses energy forces connected through the system to the piece of equipment. This could be hydraulic, pneumatic, electric or any extra motion caused from equipment operation. Once the LOTOS has sensed that all energy sources have been dissipated, the system allows operating personnel to press the unlock push button, turn the on/off handle and lock out /tag out the machine.

Through a series of LED lights on the LOTOS, operators are alerted to dangerous forces and motion that could injure personnel operating the machinery.

• The Green LED tells the operator that the machine is at a stopped state and can be properly locked out and worked on. The on/off switch can be turned to the off position.

• The Yellow LED tells the operator that hydraulic pressure is still being applied on the machine.

• The Red LED tells the operator that energy forces are still present in the machine and personnel must wait to lock out the machine.

• The Blue LED tells the operator that air pressure is still being applied to the machine.

With Hollymatic’s LOTOS, machines cannot be locked out until all energy forces and motion are removed, making the machine safe to work on. Hollymatic will be featuring their brand new LOTOS at the Process Expo at McCormick Place in October. Be sure to visit Booth #403 to learn more about this system that is…TAKING YOU FURTHER WITH SAFETY.

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