Clear Labs, the only automated and intelligent NGS platform purpose-built for food safety testing, today announced that its flagship product, Clear Safety, has received AOAC Performance Tested Methods certification for genus Listeria and Listeria monocytogenes testing, license number #091901. Clear Safety is also AOAC Performance Tested for Salmonella enterica testing, having received AOAC certification in 2018.

The AOAC test found that Clear Safety provides qualitative detection of Listeria. In inclusivity and exclusivity evaluations to test the sensitivity and specificity of the Clear Safety Method, the platform performed as well or better than the relevant methods from FDA’s Bacterial Analytical Manual and FSIS’s Microbiology Laboratory Guidebook.

“The pace of adoption of next-generation sequencing is increasing rapidly, and we’re now starting to see this technology play a major role in food safety,” said Sasan Amini, CEO of Clear Labs. “AOAC’s program, the premier certification program in the United States, helps the food industry make informed decisions built on data they can trust. We’re proud to have built a platform that meets or exceeds the AOAC’s rigorous standards.”

In July 2019, Clear Labs announced the addition of new Listeria testing and Environmental Mapping capabilities to its Clear Safety Platform. As a seamless, three-in-one solution for Listeria detection, persistence monitoring (resident/transient analysis), and visualizing contamination incidents, Clear Safety does not require multiple platforms or the creation of isolates, which drastically reduces the turnaround time for identifying and characterizing contamination and pinpointing its source. This results in significant cost savings and operational efficiency for Listeria testing and Environmental Mapping.

“At Clear Labs, we are committed to the highest standard of accuracy and quality,” said Ramin Khaksar, VP of Research and Development at Clear Labs. “Our R&D team continues to work tirelessly on products that will help keep the food supply chain safe and secure, leveraging cutting-edge technology like next-generation sequencing.”

The Clear Safety Platform is the first automated end-to-end NGS-based food safety platform for routine pathogen testing. Leveraging the latest technology in molecular testing, proprietary bioinformatics algorithms, a modern software suite, and robotics, Clear Safety helps food safety professionals reduce risk with highly accurate pathogen testing, identify serotypes faster than ever, and react quickly to pathogen outbreaks.

In addition to Clear Safety, Clear Labs’ Platform supports testing for ingredient authenticity, GMO, and microbiome testing. Clear Labs is accredited by A2LA for technical competence in the field of biological testing. The company has several dozen customers globally, including many of the leading food brands and service labs around the world.

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