Edwards Virginia Smokehouse has officially been named a 2020 winner in the Good Food Awards Charcuterie category for its distinct Surryano ham.

A perennial crowd favorite, Edwards’ Surryano is a go-to ingredient among top-tier chefs, like David Chang, and home cooks alike. Its name, which stems from a cheeky spin on the company’s town of Surry, Virginia, was developed as an all-American alternative to Europe’s long aged dry cured hams. With a flavor profile that offers umami nuttiness, it is impossible not to love, and Edwards is proud to bring home the Golden Cleaver once again.

Founded in 1926 in Surry, VA, Edwards Virginia Smokehouse is a family-owned ham, bacon, and sausage purveyor, currently in the hands of third-generation cure master Sam Edwards III and his son, Sam Edwards IV. Utilizing the highest quality heritage and commodity hogs — and curing and smoking methods that are rooted in the traditions of America’s first settlers, with minimal processing — Edwards’ product lineup far surpasses basic country hams. Edwards' offerings incorporate a flavor that’s unique to the region, and include traditional Country and Sweet hams, Surryano ham, bacons, sausages, and a variety of specialty items. Edwards’ products are used by some of the country’s leading chefs (many of whom are James Beard Award winners), including David Chang of Momofuku, Jeremiah Langhorne of The Dabney, Mashama Bailey of The Grey, Cassidee Dabney of Blackberry Farm, and many others. In addition to a large wholesale customer base, Edwards’ products are also available direct-to-consumer through their website, as well as from a variety of specialty store and grocers around the country.

Source: Edwards Virginia Smokehouse