Welcoming news for manufacturers of fresh food and sensitive products looking for safe and sustainable packaging solutions. Schur Flexibles extends its sustainable packaging portfolio of PE solutions for almost every application

The future of packaging lies within a circular economy. Polyethylene packaging solutions will play a key role in this future, as the recyclers favour mono-material over multi-material flexible packaging and PE features a European wide recyclability. Therefore, PE solutions have become a preferred choice but also lead to a range of challenges such as processing high barrier PE material on high-end machines. Future-oriented thinking has led the Schur Flexibles sustainability department to be ahead of the game on developments in sustainable packaging. Intensive research and development as part of the “rethink” campaign, in conjunction with the 5R principles (see below), has led the team to develop a range of high barrier PE packaging. These innovative packaging solutions meet the demands of sensitive fresh food while not making any compromises in terms of puncture resistance, high barrier functions and machinability, as well as being in compliance with local guidelines and regulations.

Many applications – one supplier
Already today clients can choose from Schur Flexibles’ large PE packaging portfolio, covering films for flowpack, thermoforming, shrink, skin, twist and other applications – with diverse options with regards to barriers. The extensive portfolio which Schur Flexibles has rolled out to customers so far is highlighted by two films:

For flowpack applications, Schur Flexibles has developed the highly efficient MonoFlow E-type range. These films, already in use by customers, have demonstrated their exceptional qualities in everyday production. They run well on a wide range of packaging machines and offer a range of different barriers that can be tailored to the customers’ needs. Due to an innovative production process, MonoFlow E-type films provide enhanced puncture resistance and, importantly, a very low sealing temperature while not compromising seal integrity.

Another highlight of the portfolio are the VACUflex MEX-T films. This range of recyclable PE thermoforming films is the ideal alternative to PA/PE films for flexible thermoforming applications, featuring good processability and high product protection. With high transparency and printability, they allow brands to stand out at the point of sale and enable them to highlight their sustainable credentials. The packaging system is completed with the Group’s MonoTop lidding films. These films, also featuring superb printability with up to 10 colours in flexo or rotoprinting, are based on a PE structure as well, creating a full PE packaging.

Fulfilling European packaging requirements – with group-wide knowledge base
Schur Flexibles Group is at the forefront of innovations in sustainability and packaging. One of the reasons behind this is the group’s centre-of-excellence concept by which each individual company is an expert in its own field. All members of the Schur Flexibles group do not only draw on their own deep knowledge and experience, but also on the know-how and achievements of other group production facilities in Europe. This enables the entire group to provide tailor-made solutions across an integrated value chain.

rethink! – Schur Flexibles’ initiative for more sustainable packaging
The company has a strong track record in helping customers rethink the packaging of their products with regards to sustainability. Responsible for aligning the group’s sustainability processes is the Schur Flexibles in-house sustainability department. This department’s pioneering work broke new ground with its 5R programme - Responsibility, Recycling, Replace, Reduction and Renewal. Through their “rethink initiative”, Schur Flexibles has not only won several prestigious packaging innovation awards but has also accompanied clients throughout their journeys towards more sustainable packaging. Based on the extensive knowledge of the packaging and sustainability experts, the group has developed several sophisticated high barrier PE packaging and is now able to offer a PE solution for most market requirements, making Schur Flexibles an attractive one-stop-shop partner in terms of applications.