Vertiflo Pump Company’s Series 700, 800, and 900 immersion sump pumps are available with variable frequency drive (VFD) motors. These vertical immersion sump pumps built for sump drainage, flood control and process drainage meet EPA and OSHA requirements. Depending on the RPM selected, the VFDs provide the capability of varying flow and head performance from a vertical pump. These motors offer a cost-effective method of varying the pump performance as desired while conserving energy consumption.

The Series 800 specs include heads to 230 feet, temperatures to 350° F, pit depths to 26 feet, and up to 3,000 GPM. These vertical, immersion sump pumps have a semi­open impeller, external adjustment, and come standard with NEMA C face motors (VFD motors are optional). Select from cast iron, 316 SS or Alloy 20 construction. Series 700 sewage ejector pump and Series 900 vortex pump applications include industrial wastes, sanitary wastes, process wastes, rendering wastes, and pollution control. Heads to 100 feet, pit depths to 26 feet and up to 1,500 GPM. The Series 700 pumps are available only in cast iron construction.

Source: Vertiflo Pump Company