The industry is looking forward with great anticipation to its most important meeting place to discuss innovations on the top themes of automation, digitalization, food safety, sustainability, food trends, and individualization at IFFA 2022.

The requirements for the production of meat and meat alternatives are high: food safety, lack of skilled workers, cost efficiency, transparency in the supply chain, climate protection, and a huge variety of products coupled with new customer needs are some of the major challenges of the coming years. The industry will be showing solutions to meet these challenges at IFFA—Technology for Meat and Alternative Proteins—in Frankfurt am Main from May 14–19, 2022.


Automation and digitalization everywhere

Automation continues to be one of the top issues in the meat and protein industry: modern robotic solutions coupled with artificial intelligence play an important role in optimizing processes and at the same time increasing yield, flexibility, and food safety. Food safety is paramount and innovative solutions in hygienic design are therefore the focus of IFFA. 

By recording and intelligently linking all data, production can be monitored in real time and possible malfunctions in the operation can be detected immediately. Digitalization, another top theme at IFFA 2022, offers new possibilities for transparency and traceability in the supply chain as well as quality management. The next step into the future is the Data-Driven Factory: the flow of data in both directions between production and the point of sale enables completely new product and marketing ideas.

In the focus of consumer behavior: alternative proteins and sustainable quality

High on the agenda of IFFA is climate-neutral production—a goal set by the EU in the Green Deal by 2050. What further developments are to increase energy and resource efficiency? What concepts can be used to counter food waste? How can packaging material be reduced without reducing quality? The exhibitors and the offerings at IFFA 2022 will provide answers to all aspects of sustainability.

Consumer behavior has changed—the variety of products is continuously increasing. Flexitarians are turning to products made from alternative proteins in addition to meat and do not want to give up familiar dietary patterns there. Industry and trade are reacting to this food trend with a variety of meat alternatives. IFFA 2022 will therefore showcase both the process technology of meat and of alternative protein—containing plant-based products or cultured meat. 

The coronavirus pandemic also has an influence on consumer behavior. This is where the trade can score with its high-quality food. Innovative butchers set themselves apart from the mass-produced goods with an individual and regional product range. With the individualization of their range, also a top theme at IFFA, they are responding to the customers' need for unmistakable taste and top quality. 

Further information on the top themes of IFFA:

Source: IFFA