NCC Automated Systems was recently awarded licensing for selling and integrating Intralox AIM (Active Integrated Motion) Sorters. AIM technology is used for multiple Intralox applications—sorting, multi-lane sorting, merging, and switching. Made with stainless steel sheet metal frame construction, AIM is robust and designed with cleaning and sanitation in mind so that it can perform seamlessly in washdown environments. 

The AIM Sorter is a safe solution for primary through tertiary packaging. Not only is it powerful, but it is also fast and gentle, helping prevent product damage and loss. The sorters are a great compliment to checkweighers when an under or overweight product needs to be removed from a line.  By enabling small-footprint sorting at high speeds while maintaining package orientation, process flexibility is optimized, allowing processors to decrease downtime spent on corrective labor and increase throughput by over 30 percent. AIM Sorters also feature replaceable pusher/paddle arms, line diverters that can be reworked, small footprint 90-degree transfer, ergonomic features to improve worker conditions, and more. 

Delicate foam trays of meat and poultry are ideal applications for AIM sorting technology. It's gentle enough to handle the trays without breaking them, while tough enough to stand up to repeated cleaning and sanitation. AIM Sorters are hygienically designed with IP69K components, eliminating the need for equipment or additional components mounted over the conveyor which obstructs sanitation and therefore reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

NCC has a long history with Intralox, including being founded by a former Intralox employee. The two organizations have partnered together for more than 35 years. In light of their shared heritage, NCC has a Preferred Supplier Agreement with Intralox in addition to various licenses held. 

Source: NCC Automated Systems