Spencer Strainer Systems has introduced its new website at www.SpencerStrainer.com, which details the company’s lineup of industrial and sanitary self-cleaning filters. The intuitive, easy-to-navigate site explains how Spencer Strainers maximize productivity by eliminating the downtime required to replace filter elements, while eliminating the labor and filter costs. With no filters to dispose of, they are the environmentally friendly alternative. Sealed models operate continuously with capacities from 100 to 1500 gallons per minute in industrial, sanitary, and 3A Sanitary designs.  A full video library is easily accessed, as is the company’s full product catalog.  

Screens of various micron sizes are available, allowing Spencer Strainers to be optimized to the task at hand. Screens can be switched out easily, allowing multiple products to be screened with a single strainer system. Proven in thousands of applications worldwide, Spencer Strainer Systems are at work screening baby food, peanut butter, tomato sauce, dairy products, toothpaste, resins, paints, polymers, adhesives, and many more.   

An application data questionnaire with fill-in-the-blanks convenience allows viewers to input their project data to receive a detailed proposal. 

Spencer Strainer has been making their patented strainer for over 25 years. Glenn Spencer built the initial version to filter Colgate toothpaste. It was so successful that other orders soon followed, and the product started to be used in other areas and applications, and around the world. Various industrial, sanitary, and 3A Dairy models are available to suit product flows from 100 to 2500 gpm. The company’s 50,000 square foot facility in Jeffersonville, IN houses design, manufacturing, sales, and corporate support. For additional information visit www.SpencerStrainer.com, call (800) 801-4977, or email info@spencerstrainer.com.

Source: Spencer Strainer Systems