Per Information Resources Inc. report data, 31% of all meat shoppers have ordered meat online in 2021, up from 19% the year prior. The data also found that this resulted in a 90% increase in meat e-commerce, which now equals 10% of all meat purchases. With this increase in meat sales, especially in online ordering, meat products need to have superior packaging to withstand distribution, stand out on in-store and online shelves, and provide a positive consumer experience. 

Meat brands and packagers can benefit from effective flexible packaging solutions to keep up with this rising consumer demand for meat products. 

Pain Points in Meat Packaging

As packagers and producers know, an efficient packaging operation allows the product to run faster on lines. A wide operating window helps enable the closures to seal well with films and structures to help prevent leaking or loss of atmosphere. With all meat products, the right film material and compatible closure, along with an efficient operation, help maintain the quality of the product.

According to the USDA, it is safe to freeze meat within its original packaging. Despite this fact, many consumers still decide to repackage their meat products. When using secondary packaging, the consumer seeks to maintain quality, prevent freezer burn, or access the product over multiple occasions. Reclosable flexible packaging can eliminate the need for secondary packaging with a quality closure to help keep the product in its best condition while helping combat food waste.

76% of consumers say features like reclosability are important for packaging satisfaction, and they feel the packaging should be made of materials that prevent the product from leaking or breaking. Consumers should have the same experience with your product with every use, even after multiple opening and closings. 

While specific flexible packaging materials and closures offer many benefits on the operational side, the consumer experience is often what will ultimately drive increased revenue.

Reclosable Flexible Packaging for the Meat Industry

Used in combination with proper refrigeration or freezing, reclosable flexible packaging can provide a strong moisture and oxygen barrier that can help extend the shelf life of meat products. Once the meat package is opened, when the closure is resealed properly, the moisture barrier can be renewed while the product is consumed over multiple serving occasions. 

In addition to finding packaging that is suitable to your meat product’s specific requirements, it must also provide a positive experience for the consumer. With frozen, deli, and processed meats, each need to be packaged correctly to maximize their flavors and prevent moisture loss. Luckily, improved technologies in reclosable flexible packaging have offered ways to help maintain the quality of meat products longer—creating more confidence in consumers and more options for packagers and producers.

Along with the consumer benefits, flexible packaging also uses less storage space for warehousing and shipping, less packaging source material, less energy required for operations, while providing puncture resistance, and seal strength for distribution.

Packaging your variety of meat products with innovative flexible packaging and closures will help leave a lasting impression to all consumers while reinforcing product quality and benefits.