Spiceology, Inc. has announced a partnership with Maker's Mark and debuted a custom four-pack spice blend which takes America's most beloved family dishes to the next level. Bill Samuels, Jr.—son of the founders of Maker's Mark—went on a similar journey when he reimagined his family legacy recipe with the creation of Maker's Mark 46 bourbon. This inspired the two flavor-forward brands to identify America's favorite passed-down generational recipes and transform them into spice blends that would offer a new twist on family classics.

To select which family recipes Spiceology and Maker's Mark would bring to life, the two brands collected data from a commissioned survey conducted by market research company OnePoll. In addition to the generational Maker's 46 recipe, the inspiration behind this special spice collection, the survey also revealed three other beloved family recipes, including: fried chicken, meatballs and potato salad.

Last month, the Maker's Mark Distillery unveiled a new look for Maker's 46 that highlights the brand's handmade values and better tells the story of the beloved and distinguished liquid fans have come to know and love. The relaunch puts the uniqueness of the liquid on full display, differentiating itself with the proprietary French oaked process that gives Maker's 46 its characteristic layers of multi-faceted flavor. The brand's focus on flavor and legacy as a family-operated company makes this partnership with Spiceology a natural progression and an exciting opportunity for consumers to taste unique flavor profiles within each carefully developed blend.

"Maker's 46 is, itself, an elevated take on a classic family recipe," said Rob Samuels, eighth generation whisky maker & managing director. "My dad, Bill Samuels, Jr., successfully amplified the flavors of the original Maker's Mark recipe in 2010 with the creation of Maker's 46. In the same spirit, we partnered with Spiceology to see how we could do the same with other family classics—we believe we've done just that."

As part of the Maker's Mark 46 Family Recipes, Reimagined Spice Blend Flight, consumers will enjoy:

  • Bill's Recipe #46 Bourbon-Inspired Spice Blend: Inspired by the innovation and layers of flavor Maker's Mark 46® is known for, this versatile all-purpose blend is a complex combination of spicy, smoky, and earthy-sweet ingredients with evocative flavor notes of caramel, vanilla, and spice on spice. Try it on beef, pork, chicken, roasted vegetables, rice, potatoes, soups, in compound butter, and more.  
  • Fried & True Umami Chicken Blend: Whoever said chicken is boring hasn't tasted the garlic, paprika, mustard, chipotle, maple, honey, and more in a blend that honors an American favorite: fried chicken. With savory sweet-heat flavor notes, this versatile blend is more than just a chicken seasoning. Try it on your favorite protein, eggs, veggies like squash and greens, and on popcorn and fries.
  • Mom's Meatballs Sweet & Sour Blend: It's time for meatballs to have their moment, and we're bringing more flavor to the table with lemongrass, rice vinegar, tamari, pineapple, chili flake, and more. This versatile sweet and sour blend pairs perfectly with chicken, pork, tofu, shrimp, white fish, soups, salads, rice, dressings and marinades, stir fry, grilled and sauteed veggies, and more.
  • Everything Potato Herbaceous Blend: Move over mayo-drenched traditional tater salad, and meet your new favorite (everything) potato blend with garlic, green bell pepper, lemon, and more. This ultra-versatile and herbaceous blend is zesty and savory and goes great in dips, marinades, dressings, and compound butter, and on seafood, chicken, tofu, roasted veggies, rice, pasta, chips, fancy toast and of course, next-level potato salad.

"I've always enjoyed the idea of adding a new twist to a classic," said Chef Tony Reed, senior director of innovation and partnerships at Spiceology. "Once we learned more about the history of Maker's Mark 46 and the importance of amplifying those original whisky flavors, we saw an instant parallel to what we do at Spiceology. We're thrilled with what we've created with Maker's Mark and look forward to seeing consumers build on their own, or create new, favorite family recipes using these incredibly special blends."

The Maker's Mark 46 Collection is now available for pre-order. Individual spice blends retail for $14.95 and the box set for $29.95. For more information, visit Spiceology.com/Makers46.

Source: Spiceology