It would be difficult to find a food trend better tailored to the tastes of meat lovers than charcuterie boards.

“The definition of ‘charcuterie’ is meat,” said Kerry Sylvester, founder and CEO of Graze Craze, which sells freshly made, ready-to-eat charcuterie boards and grab-and-go items that are artfully designed to display an array of meats, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, gourmet sweets and other savory and sweet foods.

Sylvester said Graze Craze depends on a diverse supply of fresh meat products as a signature value its charcuterie boards offer their customers.

To meet its meat needs, Graze Craze sources the majority of its fresh-sliced meats — including salami, prosciutto and other ham (flavored with Graze Craze’s homemade rub) — from a supplier in New Jersey, owned by an Italian family employing centuries-old techniques and processes to craft unique flavors.

Graze Craze sources hard salami from a supplier in California’s Napa Valley, and the company’s diverse lineup of meats also includes turkey salami.

As part of Graze Craze’s always-fresh approach, their charcuterie boards are always made fresh upon ordering and are never premade, Sylvester said.

Graze Craze charcuterie boards usually can be ordered and ready to pick up within an hour, she said, adding that charcuterie boards are great for gifting such as sending a board to a client.

Sylvester said that in addition to being popular for professional and business events, charcuterie boards are popular for weddings, baby showers, funerals or other events involving family and friends. Graze Craze crafts specialty boards themed for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and fall.

Charcuterie boards and wine can be the perfect complement to each other, and Sylvester said Graze Craze is working with a California winemaker on a line of Graze Craze private-label branded wines to sell along with their charcuterie boards.

Graze Craze is positioned for growth throughout 2022, said United Franchise Group Chief Operating Officer Brady Lee, who also serves as president of Graze Craze. With Graze Craze sites currently operating in Oklahoma, Utah, Texas, Tennessee and Florida, locations in Mississippi, Michigan, Nevada and North Carolina will join them by summer. Lee said Graze Craze locations will total 20 by summertime and reach 50 by year’s end.

Graze Craze began selling franchises in June 2021 through its United Franchise Group affiliation.