Inspired by trending Mediterranean flavors and a rising popularity of flounder, Morey’s Fine Fish & Seafood has announced its new Wild Flounder Garlic & Herb. The first flounder item in its portfolio, the garlic and herb marinated Wild Alaskan Flounder combines chef-inspired flavors with MSC-certified flounder.

A family-owned company, Morey’s has been procuring fish for over 80 years. Processed at the Motley, Minnesota facility where the company was first forged, Morey’s products are a fresh and easy dinner time solution, bringing fresh value-add to tables of fish and seafood lovers everywhere.

The new product will retail for $6.97-$11.99, depending on the retailer, and comes in 8-oz. and 10-oz. packs.

Source: Morey's Fine Food & Seafood