V&V Supremo Foods Inc. is introducing its latest product for the foodservice industry: pre-cooked frozen chorizo.

The new V&V Supremo® Mexican-Style Pre-cooked Frozen Chorizo is crafted from lean, fresh pork and high-quality spices with no nitrites, fillers, or MSG. Here is an ingredient that every foodservice professional can be excited and proud to have in their kitchen or on their menu—total convenience with superlative flavor and texture.

V&V Supremo Mexican-Style Pre-cooked Frozen Chorizo is the absolute solution for cafés, commissaries, diners, pizzerias, and any food operators looking to create delicious authentic or "fusion" dishes with minimal prep time, no raw product handling, and 100% yield. This item can go directly from freezer to application, or be "lag-thawed" in a cooler before using.

The new V&V Supremo Mexican-Style Pre-cooked Frozen Chorizo is bright and robust in both appearance and flavor, displaying an optimal balance of heat and complex spices to create the perfect "pop" on the palates and plates of consumers.

This item is practically indistinguishable from fresh-cooked (raw) chorizo and is in perfect harmony with the quality and authenticity of the V&V Supremo product line.

"If you didn't know otherwise, you'd never guess it was a pre-cooked frozen chorizo." said Gilberto Villaseñor II, Chief Visionary Officer of V&V Supremo Foods.

This new chorizo line features the product in two formats for a wide range of applications: frozen pre-cooked chorizo crumbles and distinctive nuggets.

Source: V&V Supremo Foods Inc.