The makers of Lloyd’s barbeque products, a heat-and-serve barbeque brand, have again joined forces with Matt Abdoo, executive chef and partner of Pig Beach BBQ, to celebrate National BBQ Month in May. They have curated affordable and authentic barbeque meals for the entire family that are all under $25. 

“What better way to celebrate National BBQ Month than bringing families and friends together over some delicious food,” said Rhonda Ihrke, Lloyd's barbeque brand manager. “Working with barbeque experts and award winners like Matt and all our friends at Pig Beach BBQ, we wanted to put together some fun recipes that families can enjoy that are not only amazing, but also budget friendly and easy to make.” 

“I love collaborating with the Lloyd’s brand because they offer quality meats that are tender, flavorful, and perfectly smoked paired with our World Champion Mustard BBQ sauce,” said Chef Matt Abdoo. “We’ve loved curating delicious BBQ meals with Lloyd’s, as featured in several recipes found in our cookbook, Pig Beach BBQ Cookbook: Smoked, Grilled, Roasted, and Sauced. These National BBQ Month recipes are a sure way to elevate your summer grilling with ease.” 

National BBQ Month family recipes

  • Lloyds Pig Beach Barbeque Chicken Pizza – Easy for the entire family to prepare, you can add everyone’s favorite toppings. For this recipe, the brand paired their Lloyd’s hickory-hardwood-smoked pulled chicken with Pig Beach mustard barbeque sauce with arugula, shallots and banana peppers. Full recipe is available here.
  • Lloyd’s Pig Beach Barbeque Pulled-Pork Mac-N-Cheese – The brand added some flair to traditional mac-n-cheese by adding a package of Lloyd’s pecanwood-smoked pulled pork with Pig Beach mustard barbeque sauce for a hearty meal. Full recipe is available here.
  • Grilled Baby Back Ribs – Pick up some Lloyd’s ribs and heat them up on the grill for a meal for the entire family. Cooking instructions are available here.

Founded in 1978, Lloyd’s Barbeque Co. (Mendota Heights, Minn.) is owned by Hormel Foods Corp., a Fortune 500 global branded food company. Founder Lloyd Segel created Lloyd’s Barbeque with a unique passion and a singular vision: his love of barbeque. Through years of dedication, Segel captured the secret of making and packing a restaurant-quality rib. He pioneered a new category by developing unique vacuum-packed, fully cooked barbeque ribs that are ready to heat and eat in minutes. Today, the whole family can enjoy the rewards of his endeavors — a barbeque solution for the time-pressed cook.

In June 2020, the Lloyd’s barbeque brand partnered with Pig Beach BBQ, a two-time world barbeque sauce champion, to produce two products: Lloyd’s pecanwood-smoked and seasoned pulled pork and Lloyd’s hardwood-smoked and seasoned pulled chicken with Pig Beach mustard barbeque sauce.

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Source: Hormel Foods Corp.