The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued a Decision and Order Without Hearing by Reason of Default against Thomas D. Unger of Earlville, N.Y., on March 13, 2024, for violations of the Packers and Stockyards (P&S) Act.

An investigation by USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service revealed that between August and September 2020, Unger failed to pay timely for 96 head of cattle, valued at $90,922. Unger issued two checks in payment for the livestock that were returned unpaid by the bank for nonsufficient funds. As of July 2023, Unger had an unpaid balance of $38,944.

Under the Default Decision and Order, Unger was ordered to cease and desist from failing to pay and failing to pay when due for livestock, and issuing checks in payment for livestock that are returned unpaid by the bank because of insufficient funds in the account. Unger’s registration was suspended for five years, provided the suspension would end if he submits proof that the livestock sellers listed in the complaint have been paid in full. Unger was assessed a $3,400 civil penalty to be paid immediately.

The P&S Act is a fair-trade practice and payment protection law that promotes fair and competitive marketing environments for the livestock, meat and poultry industries.

For further information about the Packers and Stockyards Act, contact Amy Blechinger, Packers and Stockyards Division, at 202-720-7051 or

Source: USDA's AMS