Water Cutter
MP Equipment Company has introduced The MP IntelliJet™ Water Cutter to its product line. The IntelliJet™ is manufactured exclusively for MP Equipment by PES. It uses Windows software and is network-compatible for reports, settings and DVD burning. It also offers the ability to draw the specific shape desired and has an touch screen for all operations. The pump is integrated at the machine location and both the pump and cutter are controlled at a single-point. The IntelliJet™ features two XY cutters and four X cutters with an auto-on when product is detected and auto-off after two minutes idle.
MP Equipment Company, phone (770) 614-5355 or visit www.mpequipment.com
Business Process Solution
Quality Management is a fully integrated feature of the business process solution of CSB-System. It is compliant with standards for HACCP, ISO 9001:2000 and IFS. The QM and HACCP module is completely integrated into the materials management of CSB, to ensure that all tests can be recorded in process and that the proper action is initiated as the results are processed. In extended options, customers can use the results to adjust recipes based on raw material potential.
CSB-System International, phone (800) 852-9977 or visit www.csb.com
Collection System
AccuFillT Quad-Batching System from Gainco Inc. provides a high-speed way to collect and group meat, poultry and other food items for downstream handling such as bagging or boxing. Suitable for processing whole muscle meat as well as further processed products, the AccuFillT Quad-Batching System collects, weighs, batches and, optionally, counts four separate streams of incoming product. The finished batches are then indexed to any one of several downstream processes such as bulk packaging or bagging to a vertical form-fill-and-seal system.
Gainco Inc., phone (770) 534-0703, or visit www.gainco.com
Remco Products offers the Total Color Brush line to help meet the needs of the food-processing industry. With block and bristles made of the same color, these color-coded brooms and brushes are made for HACCP environments. These products feature several designs and bristle types to provide maximum efficiency and durability. Available in five colors, these items are part of the Vikan hygiene system®.
Remco Products, phone (317)876-9856 or visit www.remcoproducts.com
Blenders from Custom Metalcraft are designed to the standards of the USDA and FDA. Available with ribbon or paddle blades, these blenders are constructed of stainless steel with options such as air evacuation/inert gas injection (CO2), air-operated discharge doors and complete NEMA 4 electrical controls. Sanitary, all welded smooth interior is standard on the blenders; polished interior is optional. Single and Double Bowl Blenders are available in capacities from 1¼2 cu ft to 200 cu ft and may be equipped to operate under vacuum or under pressure.
Custom Metalcraft Inc., phone (417) 862-0707, or visit www.custom-metalcraft.com
Westfalia’s Mechanical Right Angle Transfer Conveyor (Model 991D) is capable of handling USPS pallets without a slave pallet. The four-way pallet transfer operation uses a combination of chains and close roller centers, allowing forward, left, right or backward movement, as needed. Constructed of heavy duty structural and formed steel, this conveyor has a 3,500 lb. maximum load capacity, a standard speed of 40 to 60 feet/ minute, and uses Standard Industrial-type components for easy replacement.
Westfalia Technologies, phone (717)764-1115 or visit www.WestfaliaUSA.com
Metal Detector
Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Inc. introduces its new HDS (Heavy Duty Sausage) Pipeline metal detector. The HDS Pipeline system is designed for full integration with leading vacuum filler machines and other process equipment. The system has a color touch screen interface of and Ethernet connectivity for remote management and monitoring. The HDS Pipeline has a stainless steel finish and is sealed to IP69K standards for withstanding the high temperature, high washdown environment of the meat industry.
Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Inc., phone (800)447-4439 or visit www.mt.com/safelineus
Lock Inspection Systems MET30+ 3F is a triple frequency metal detector that operates at three crystal tuned frequencies – high, medium, and low. The MET30+ 3F will automatically select the optimum frequency without operator intervention because it has an automatic frequency selection feature. The MET30+ 3F has the option of Lock’s ADC software that complements the metal detector by allowing data from the metal detector to be viewed at the detector or from a networked PC or a laptop.
Lock Inspection Systems, phone (978)343-3716 or visit www.lockinspection.com
Hickory Hardware’s Faultless 700 Series casters from Hickory Hardware are made for use on medical, foodservice, and institutional equipment, as well as on animal cage carts and store fixtures. Maintenance-free and resistant to water and most chemicals, solvents, oils, grease and salt, Faultless 700 Series casters have a capacity of up to 275 lbs. per caster and an operating range of -40 to +180 F. Faultless 700 Series casters are available with non-marking thermoplastic rubber or polyurethane wheels and a variety of stem options.
Hickory Hardware, phone (877)556-2918 or visit www.hickoryhardware.com
Vacuum Products
PIAB Vacuum Products offers its COAX® technology for increased efficiency and productivity during industrial vacuum applications. All of PIAB’S latest vacuum products, such as the VGS™3010, the P-2010 and the P-3010, feature COAX technology and are compact, simple to install and generate minimal noise. PIAB’s vacuum pumps are able to provide a high performance even at low or fluctuation feed pressures (25-90 psi).
PIAB Vacuum Products, phone (800)321-7422 or visit www.piab.com
This original heavy-duty knife hand glove has single-end yarn construction that contains high performance fibers, which makes it extremely resistant to lacerations and abrasions. It has a high level of dexterity and excellent thermal properties. It’s available with a standard or extended cuff in gray or white. It’s available in sizes x-small through x-large.
Wells Lamont Industry Group, phone (800) 247-3295, or visit www.wellslamontindustry.com
Mepaco introduces a line of Clean Sweep surge loaders. Trim, ground, fresh or frozen product, the loader will now fully clean out and convey effectively. The Clean Sweep design fosters a “first in – first out” conveyance of lean and high-fat products. Available with bead-blast, pickle passivated or electropolished finishes.
Mepaco, phone (920)356-9900 or visit www.mepaco.net
Jarvis’ new Model SBR-3 Straight Blade Reconditioner is made for sharpening blades for brisket, quartering and carcass splitting saws - or any reciprocating saw blade up to 2.5 inches (63 mm) in width. The SBR-3 sharpens worn, badly damaged, chipped or broken teeth blades to original design specifications, producing perfect blades every time. No other equipment is required. Precision blade reconditioning reduces operator fatigue, equipment wear, and provides longer blade life.
Jarvis Products Corporation, phone (860)347-7271 or visit www.jarvisproducts.com
Gainco Inc. introduces the new DuraWeigh Line of scales. The Heavy-Duty Floor Scale features a free-floating chain and rod system to protect load cells from the costly damage caused by forklifts and pallet jacks from daily use, and to hold accurate calibration longer. The low-profile, diamond-plate, skid-resistant ramp provides easy-on/easy-off weighing, with the ramp guides allowing for correct aligning on the weigh deck. DuraWeigh Bench Scales are designed for general weighing, portion control and manual batching.
Gainco Inc., phone (770) 534-0703, or visit www.gainco.com
Cleaning Cloth
Origin Labs’ PUROSOL has announced an upgraded microfiber cloth to supplement its product line of enzyme-based green cleaning products. The cloth composition and weave is designed to deliver the proper absorbency and softness to ensure proper delivery of the PUROSOL solution without harming the surface being cleaned. The new cloth is 6 inches by 6 inches and comes in a clear reusable vinyl envelop. For larger cleaning application or commercial use, the Origin Labs also offers its large 12 inch by 16-inch commercial microfiber suede cloth.
PUROSOL, phone (626)568-1100 or visit www.PUROSOL.com
Ham Supplies
CMS Flavorseal™ introduces a complete selection of spiral ham supplies for processors and retailers who are looking for single source supplier convenience. The line includes treated tight weave netting for cooking; bone disks, bone guard, and soaker pads; bone guard shrink bags; metalized vacuum bags; decorative color wrap in sheets or bags; aluminum foil in several colors; glaze packets in powder or liquid form; reusable metal ham stands for serving convenience; and plastic netting overwrap and tags to complete the package.
Carroll Manufacturing and Sales, phone (866) 769-1500, or visit www.cmsflavorseal.com
Clipper Splice
In the new Unibar Fastener Clipper Splice, all the teeth, or hooks, are joined together by a single bar stretching the length of the conveyor. The Unibar Fastener Clipper Splice is a safeguard for food, pharmaceutical and other industries that cannot afford to have a metal tooth separate from the belt and mix into the moving product.
Dorner Manufacturing, phone (800) 397-8664 or visit www.dorner.com
Multisorb Technologies introduces active packaging solutions to enable manufacturers of natural and organic foods to meet “clean label” requirements. Multisorb’s suite of advanced packaging technologies allows food manufacturers to streamline the ingredient profile of their clean label products while maintaining shelf life, preventing spoilage and preserving color, taste, aroma, mouth feel and flavor.
Multisorb Technologies, phone (888) SORBENT or visit www.multisorb.com