Contaminant Detection
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has announced a major upgrade to its Thermo Scientific EZx contaminant detection system. The upgrade includes numerous customer-based enhancements to the software and hardware components of the system. Thermo Fisher Scientific will also offer a comprehensive software and hardware upgrade to existing customers, and all of the recent improvements have been made standard or are available as options on new EZx systems.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.,
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CSB-System recently introduced the latest version of its Business Intelligence Software module ‘CSB-Powertools’. In addition to the integrated Reporting System for Forms and departmental Evaluations, the new Tool allows integrating information from external systems into one information platform for top-management. Beside data analytics, such as charting, slicing and dicing, the Information Cockpit integrates not only external data, but also other sources of information such as web sites, webcasts, and other documents. The Business Intelligence Cockpit is therefore one single window to a company and its dependents.
CSB-System International,
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Ciba has introduced IRGACLEAR® XT 386. The film offers “see-through” clarity at low concentration. The film also has a low risk of plate out and maintains performance in recyclates and regrind. Conventional clarifiers repeatedly processed between 240 and 280º C show notable degradation. This degradation results in reduced clarity, strong discoloration and distinct malodor. IRGACLEAR® XT 386 can be processed several times without any notable degradation or performance loss.
Ciba Specialty Chemicals,
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Pliant Corporation introduces its line of engineered films for bulk food and liquid packaging applications. Pliant’s films are engineered to reduce flavor and aroma transfer through packaging to ensure that products are kept fresh during distribution and throughout product use. By using pre-portioned flexible pouches for toppings, soups, sauces and syrups, food service operators can provide consistency in flavor and portion size.
Pliant Corporation,
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KNF Flexpak Corp. has introduced its family of flexible packaging films and packaging for a variety of markets. KNF Flexpak Corp. provides the industry with KenylonTM nylon, KenyleneTM poly, and KenlamTM multilayer films and packaging products. Among the markets we serve are food service, food processing, chemical, semiconductor, medical/pharmaceutical, and burial.
KNF Flexpak Corp.,
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Pest Excluder
Nixalite’s CopperBlocker Pest Excluder is a soft, pure copper mesh cloth that is packed into openings to keep out all kinds of unwanted pests. CopperBlocker works in holes and cracks up to 2” in diameter. It does not rust and will hold its shape better than steel wool. It is more malleable and resists being pulled out by pests. It comes in 100 ft. x 5 in. rolls.
Nixalite of America,
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SpanTech LLC has introduced the Low Profile Idler Assembly as a new option in the compnay’s Designer System® family of conveyor solutions. The slim design has a nose diameter of only 3-1/2 inches, which can eliminate the need for transfer devices at conveyor infeed/discharge interfaces. Products as small as 4 inches can be transferred without stalling and without the use of a transfer bridge. The small profile height also allows the clearances required for stacked conveyors to be reduced. Existing conveyors can be retrofitted with the Low Profile Idler as a direct replacement for the previous equipment. The system has single-bolt removal capability of the Idler Wearstrip. Low Profile Idlers may be used at both ends of the conveyor.
Span Tech LLC,
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Clextral has introduced the Evolum 25, an extruder designed for ease of product testing and reliable scaleup to production extruders. This twin screw extruder is a useful tool for processors looking to develop value-added products such as functional ingredients, whole grain foods, textured proteins, modified starches, multigrain breakfast cereals and snacks, filled products and more. The EV25 features a color touch screen control center that provides real-time operating data and facilitates immediate process changes.
Clextral Inc.,
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Bell-Mark announces the C6 Rotary Coders as the newest addition to the line that the company offers for simple rubber type coding. The new C6 coder features a 16-inch repeat, with 1-inch printing width capability, and is designed to accept Bell-Mark’s ink cartridge system or pre-inked sleeves. The C6 features a split frame design allowing the unit to either be left or right hand mounted. Top or bottom mounting can also be easily achieved with no special bracketry required.
Bell-Mark Corporation,
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Whizard® Series II Trimmers from Bettcher Industries are designed to improve working productivity in beef trimming operations. The Model 620 Trimmer is meant for beef button-bone trimming operations that completely remove the bone from the meat. The more natural position of the wrist and hand during the trimming procedure greatly reduces the likelihood that operators will become fatigued or experience hand stress from the job, as is often the case when using a straight knife.
Bettcher Industries,
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Sorting system
FKI Logistex® introduces the UniSort® MXT™ sortation subsystem for its vhswEDGE™ central merge. The UniSort MXT software enables the vhswEDGE to maximize product density on the infeed line to the sorter, enabling throughputs of up to 400 cartons per minute with high-speed sliding shoe and linear belt sortation systems. The FKI Logistex vhswEDGE is a combination of conveyors configured to facilitate high-speed induction onto a main conveyor line from picking operations in a distribution or manufacturing facility.
FKI Logistex,
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C. Cretors and Company, the leading designer and manufacturer of food processing and concession equipment for over 120 years, introduces its new Cretors Hot Dog Grill. The Cretors Hot Dog Grill includes a center drive shaft design that reduces strain on gears and ensures a longer motor life. The grill’s stainless-steel cooking surface ensures that meat is evenly heated to the desired serving temperature. Safe temperature maintenance is also ensured by an exclusive digital temperature controller which clearly displays accurate readings. Plus, a “heat and hold” feature allows the user to reduce the heat during off-peak hours when needed.
C. Cretors and Company,
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