1. Tyson expands dinner meats line
Tyson Foods Inc. expand its offerings in the dinner meats category with three new, convenient products. Tyson® Refrigerated Heat ‘N Eat Entrées include fully-cooked Chicken Breast Medallions in Italian Herb Sauce, Chicken Breast Medallions in White Wine & Garlic Sauce and Beef Steak Tips in Bourbon Sauce.
The Chicken Breast Medallions in Italian Herb Sauce are tender, whole-muscle chicken breast medallions, slow-cooked in an Italian herb sauce. The Chicken Breast Medallions in White Wine & Garlic Sauce are also tender, whole-muscle chicken breast medallions, slow-cooked with herbs, garlic and white wine sauce. The Beef Steak Tips in Bourbon Sauce include tender, seasoned steak tips that are marinated in a bourbon sauce and slow-cooked. The new products are sold in 17 ounce packages, contain no preservatives and have been vacuum sealed for freshness. Like other Tyson® Refrigerated Heat ‘N Eat Entrées, they can be heated in a microwave oven in four minutes or in a conventional oven in 20 minutes.
2. Applegate Farms offers new organic sausages, franks
Applegate Farms introduces four new sausages that are made from organic, certified humane pork. They include three flavors of fully cooked Organic Pork Dinner Sausage — Kielbasa, Bratwurst and Andouille, which are available in 12-ounce packages. Also available is The Greatest Little Organic Smokey Pork Cocktail Frank, small franks that are flavored with fresh garlic and gently smoked. The franks are sold in 12-ounce packages.
3. Cargill launches Australian grain-fed beef line
Cargill Meat Solutions, Wichita, Kan., introduces the Excel‰ Australian Grain Fed Beef brand, an extension of its Excel‰ Fresh Meats brand.
The new branded offerings are sold in similarly marked boxes as North American Excel‰ grain-fed beef but will include distinctive markings to designate it as Australian grain-fed beef. Cargill’s fed-cattle processing facility in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia, processes the Excel‰ Australian Grain Fed Beef brand.
The Excel‰ Australian Grain Fed Beef brand is selected from grain-fed Bos Taurus cattle that are raised in Southern Australia. The animals are fed a mix of steam-flaked wheat, cottonseed and other supplements that are designed to deliver tender beef with a rich color, Cargill reports.
4. Ruiz unveils new Taquitos variety
Ruiz Foods introduces El Monterey Southwest Chicken Taquitos, made with savory chicken, cheeses, veggies and flavorful Mexican spices wrapped in an oven-baked flour tortilla then lightly fried in a seasoned, crispy batter. As with all El Monterey products, the new taquitos contain zero grams of trans fat and are perfect for a quick snack, entertaining, or accompanied by salad, beans or rice for a full meal. El Monterey Taquitos have revolutionized America’s favorite party fare. Prepared with quality meats, cheeses and robust ingredients, all El Monterey Taquitos are hand-rolled in freshly baked tortillas prepared in the Ruiz bakery.
5. Chicago Meat Authority offers pork tenderloin medallions
Chicago Meat Authority introduces its newest product, Hand-cut Premium Pork Tenderloin Medallions. Hand-cut Premium Pork Tenderloin Medallions offer the convenience of pre-slicing — saving time and effort — while providing the mouth-watering taste of pork tenderloin. Each medallion is cut ¾ inches thick and marinated prior to being expertly hand-cut, meaning that each bite will be tender and full of flavor. They are vacuum-packed in convenient portion sizes, so kitchen staffs can reduce waste by only using the portion they need. Hand-cut Premium Pork Tenderloin Medallions are available from Chicago Meat Authority in 10-pound boxes.
6. Hebrew National leaps into the breakfast daypart
Hebrew National unveils Hebrew National Breakfast Sausage, the first 100 percent pure kosher beef breakfast sausage on the market. These flavorful sausage links are made with only the highest-quality, select cuts of 100 percent pure kosher beef — like Hebrew National kosher franks, the sausages are free of artificial flavors, colors, fillers and byproducts. Hebrew National’s fully cooked, carefully seasoned, heat-and-serve breakfast sausages come in three varieties to please the whole family — original, maple and reduced fat with 25 percent less fat than original.
7. Double-G Brands adds to ham product lines
Double-G Brands, a family-owned and operated company based in Pacific, Mo., adds two new lines to its natural-juice ham business. Double-G Brands’ most popular new item is its ham steaks. The steaks are cut from the center of bone-in hams. Double-G ham steaks must be cooked at 160 F — a temperature that helps retain the meat’s flavorful taste and means the steaks are ready to eat quickly.
The company also recently introduced spiral-sliced ham, which is more convenient and saves time for customers who don’t need a butcher to slice their bone-in ham. The cut is to the bone, which allows easier serving and uniform thickness. Double-G Brands are distributed in Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, South Dakota and parts of Illinois.