Gold'n Plump has introduced its line of Seasoned Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Fillets. Ready-made for the grill and stovetop cooking, each fillet is vacuum-sealed and individually wrapped in single portion-sized packages for easy storage in the refrigerator and freezer. Available in four flavors, ingredients for the products are simple and natural, without the use of unwanted preservatives or phosphates. Product varieties include:  Lemon Pepper, Original, Butter & Herb and Tomato Basil. All flavors, with the exception of Tomato Basil, are gluten-free.

"We're excited about these new products, because our panel of consumers helped shape both the type of packaging and the flavors we created, so we know we've developed something that's on-target with what consumers are looking for," explained Terra Nothnagel, product manager for GNP Co., the company behind the Gold'n Plump brand. "Consumers like the fact that the products are pre-seasoned, but they like that the seasonings include ingredients they recognize, even more." According to Nothnagel, examples of "everyday" spices featured are pepper, dried tomato, lemon peel, onion, paprika, and olive oil.

Gold'n Plump's focus on pre-seasoned convenience products with fewer, natural ingredients is on-trend with what sources are reporting as strong themes with consumers continuing to eat more meals at home. Seeking restaurant-inspired flavors, the cooking sauces and marinades category gained 20% in U.S. retail sales between 2005 and 2010 and is expected to increase by another 19% by 2015. The gain is expected to slow as more pre-seasoned meat products are introduced. At the same time, "processed is out" and consumers continue to seek shorter, simpler ingredient lists, turning against products full of complicated additives with overly-long shelf lives.

According to Nothnagel, panel consumers also said they liked the flexibility of individually-wrapped pieces, because it gives them the option of using only what's needed, making storage easier in the refrigerator or freezer. For example, 52% of panel consumers said they'd be more likely to purchase the product if it was available in individually-wrapped packages.

"It also gives consumers the option of having each family member's favorite option on-hand, so a night on the grill can easily become Variety Night on the grill," she added.

Each package features full-color, plated dishes on the front with coordinating recipes on back of the package. "This is a great time to introduce these products—not only will consumers love them for the center of their plates, but the fillets provide a delicious way to spice up cold, summertime salads," said Nothnagel. 


Source: GNP Co.