The MAPAX modified atmosphere packaging solution from Linde North America can extend the shelf life of consumer packaged foods when compared to packaging in air.  At the same time, it works in a natural way -- using a combination of food-grade nitrogen, carbon dioxide (CO2), and/or oxygen.

The gases keep sealed products fresh longer when stored under appropriate conditions, helping to reduce returns due to spoilage. With MAPAX, the shelf life of cakes can be extended from several weeks to up to one year, pizza from 7-10 days to 2-4 weeks, and raw red meat from 2-4 days to 5-8 days (at <38oF).

Linde is a leading supplier of food-grade gases for the food and beverage industry. The MAPAX solution includes on-site gas supply and delivery as well as metering and control systems matched to a plant’s existing food packaging system. Gases can be precisely metered for high-efficiency inerting and preservation of a range of bagged, trayed, canned and bottled products, from potato chips to nuts. 

Linde designs a MAPAX-gas solution for many types of packaging equipment including: deep draw machines, tray sealers, vertical-flow packs, bag-in-box bag sealing machines, horizontal flow packs, and vacuum-chamber machines.  Linde engineering designs gas control systems to maximize cryogen efficiency. Sealing in freshness and extending shelf life helps build product and brand value for bakery, prepared foods and protein products.

The Linde Food Team performs in-plant assessments to identify current cost-to-chill and works with processors to develop optimal process solutions. For more information, visit, or call:  800-755-9277.