Spee-Dee fillerWANTED, The oldest operating Spee-Dee Filler!

The first Spee-Dee volumetric fillers were built back in the late 1940s, and there’s a good chance some of those are still operating today. That’s why Spee-Dee is launching a nationwide search to find the oldest operating filler.

If you have an older-model Spee-Dee filler that’s still going strong, fill out a contest entry form and let them know. The owner of the oldest operating filler will receive $1,000 in Spee-Dee value, such as service, parts or credit toward machinery.

The contest runs from July 1 to Sept. 15, 2013, and entry forms can be completed online by visiting www.spee-dee.com.

Spee-Dee is a leading supplier of dry product filling system solutions for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, packaging and chemical industries. Spee-Dee will be exhibiting its dry product filling systems in booth No. 3745 at Pack Expo, Sept. 23-25, in Las Vegas.

To enter a filler for Spee-Dee’s oldest operating filler contest, visit www.spee-dee.com.

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc. is an industry leading supplier of dry product filling system solutions for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Since the 1940s, companies from around the world have turned to Spee-Dee for greatly improved efficiency and productivity. For more information about our dry product auger fillers, visit Spee-Dee’s web site at www.spee-dee.com or call 877-375-2121.