Phillips seafood, seafood in retailPhillips Foods has introduced 10 new products to the retail seafood marketplace. First, Phillips has developed a new line of frozen encrusted fish: Phillips’ Tri-Color Tortilla Flounder, Lime & Cilantro Chimichurri Flounder, and Spicy Sriracha Flounder, which offer innovative flavor profiles that meet current consumer demand for bold flavors. All three flavors will also be available using sole fillets. The Phillips To Go line provides consumers with a convenient heat-and-eat meal option and features new products including Lobster Cakes, Lobster Mac & Cheese and Tuna Burgers. The To Go items will be sealed with modified-atmosphere packaging (MAP) to provide an extended shelf life of 40 days. Along with two new frozen seafood dips (Honey Chipotle Crab Dip and Bacon Horseradish Seafood Dip), the new product set also includes two additions to the Soup For One brand: Salmon Chowder and Seafood Cioppino.