Provisur TST EquipmentWith ever increasing costs of raw material, labor and utilities, meat and poultry processors are demanding further processing equipment that not only produces high quality product but also delivers the highest possible throughput and yield with the lowest total cost of ownership. Provisur is responding.

Provisur’s TST brand offers the industry versatile coating, cooking and freezing equipment that goes well beyond the standard with a range of machinery that is easier to clean, less expensive to operate and simple to maintain while delivering the world class performance its customers have come to expect.

Whether it involves a single piece of equipment or a complete further processing line, Provisur works closely with its customers to customize a further processing solution that meets their specific requirements.

“By tailoring our equipment to the customer’s application we deliver exactly what is needed, optimizing line performance and energy consumption,” says Tom Rozendaal, Provisur’s TST Product Manager. “Our dedicated team of food scientists and engineers are with you every step of the way. This ensures a solid understanding of each processor’s unique applications and exact specifications so we can build integrated further processing systems that provide the highest quality end product.”

TST’s Coating technology equipment allows for quick product changeover, consistent and superior coating quality coupled with innovative food safety features and reduced operating costs.

The Cooking technology continues growing in demand with the versatility of lengths, widths and applications tailored for your line. These high performance TST systems lower energy consumption and optimize product quality.

Efficient TST Freezing systems deliver top of the line innovation. They have partnered with Scanico, a leading global supplier of freezing technology, to give you the highest yield, best product quality, and optimal freezing times across a broad range of applications.

TST assures a maximum return on your investment. Their engineers will be happy to meet with you for a consultation in order to better understand your specific application needs and match the exact equipment to improve your line, or help you design an entire system that maximizes throughput and efficiencies within your plant.

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