CEV hosted a press conference to formally announce their release of their iCEV certification program. The press conference began with a few words from Texas House of Representatives Public Education Chairman Jimmie Aycock. The chairman was one of the authors on Texas HB5, which he explained as a “bill that provides something to kids who are not going to college but will hold high-skilled, high-paying jobs.”

These types of jobs the chairman talks about are those that CEV is looking to create certification programs for. With over 30 years of experience and 40,000 minutes of instructional video CEV is hoping to have 60 certification programs in place by 2016.

With the endorsement of industry organizations they have already created three programs. The American Meat Science Association (AMSA) has endorsed the meat evaluation program and Dr. Gary Smith spoke on behalf of AMSA at the press conference.

“AMSA has evaluated CEV’s first releases of what will be a series of meat science courses and figured out how they fit into the twelve goals of the AMSA,” Smith said.

According to Smith, AMSA has determined, “the food industry is in need of skilled workers who have expertise in meat science. A meat evaluation certification program developed by CEV has been evaluated by representatives of AMSA and found to fully complement two of the association goals.”

1.      To enhance and expand the education for future generations of meat scientist educated at the primary, secondary or university level.

2.      Increasing recruitment of meat science students through judging, competitive education and other identification programs.

“I am here to officially announce that the American Meat Science Association endorses the CEV meat evaluation certification program as complementing and extending AMSA’s mission to foster learning among those who are interested in the production of meat animals and in their conversion to food,” Smith said. 

The program has been endorsed by various other industry organizations such as the American Quarter Horse Association and the National Collegiate Livestock Coaches Association. The certification program will be offered with pre-packaged courses, automatic grading, interactive courses and have industry certification. The iCEV programs will meet the three main goals CEV set out to attain. Course… Career… Certification…

Source: AMSA