Sunrise Strategic Partners, a Boulder, Colo.-based accelerator of emerging brands co-founded by Steve Hughes and Trilantic North America, announced a minority investment in Teton Waters Ranch, a company that produces sausages, frankfurters and chili from 100 percent grass-fed beef.

"Teton Waters Ranch has maintained high standards for raising cattle since day one - 100% grass-fed, no hormones, no antibiotics and no feedlots. We believe this is good for us, better for animals, and good for the land. Recently, we have seen a strong increase in consumer awareness and demand for meat products produced in this manner," said Jeff Russell, Teton Waters Ranch Founder and CEO. "The capital investment from Sunrise will allow us to invest in research to understand our consumers better, develop a strong innovation pipeline and help us tell our story. Beyond this, I am looking forward to leveraging Steve's strategic thinking to continue to develop the Teton Waters Ranch brand."

In 2009, Jeff Russell reclaimed land that had been part of a conventional potato farm in Teton Valley, Idaho. After reintroducing native grasses, he set cattle to graze. The animals naturally rebuilt and enriched the soil, grazing freely and eating the food they were meant to eat.  Fast forward to 2016, Teton Waters Ranch has brought true grass-fed beef foods to the mainstream. In order to support increased demand, Teton Waters Ranch has teamed up with a network of ranchers that follow the same land management and animal practices employed on the original ranch - a way of life as old as the land. Humane treatment of animals is emerging as a major focus for consumers looking for products they can trust. Teton Waters Ranch is one of the first companies to offer packaged meats that maintain authentic grass-fed standards centered on the animals and the land.

"Jeff is a remarkable entrepreneur. We are thrilled to work with Jeff and his team to help solidify Teton Waters Ranch as the first mover of a consumer brand based on the highest standards of humane treatment of cattle," Sunrise Strategic Partners CEO Steve Hughes said. "He started this business by converting a ranch back to natural grass and raising cattle on that land. Jeff has now built this company all the way through to retail consumer packaged goods and sells the best tasting hot dogs and dinner sausages on the market."

The investment in Denver-based Teton Waters Ranch marks the third investment for Sunrise, an investment vehicle that provides growth capital and expertise to emerging healthy, active and sustainable living brands to support their development, add strategic value and share guidance on tactical priorities. Sunrise has previously invested in PACT Apparel and Perky Jerky, also Colorado-based companies. As part of the investment, Steve Hughes will join the Teton Waters Ranch Board of Directors.

Source: Sunrise Strategic Partners