Jarvis Products Corporation has introduced a new line of Model PAS Types C and P stunners, in both .22 and .25 calibers. Designed for operator comfort, Jarvis’ Type C stunners can be trigger fired by using either palm or fingers. They are also rugged; made to withstand demanding stunning requirements, yet easy and quick to clean. Jarvis Type P stunners are comfortable to use with an ergonomically designed handle. Both stunners provide low cost, powerful stunning of bulls, cattle, hogs, sows, sheep or other types of livestock, with positive retraction of bolt after firing. These stunners are simple to handle with one hand operation. They offer users a humane process for quick, efficient, and high capacity stunning procedures.

A wide variety of .22 and .25 caliber cartridge choices are available for both types of stunners. Depending on specific applications, different cartridge power loads are also offered.

Jarvis equipment is sold and serviced worldwide through 18 branch locations, and Jarvis’ J26 Exclusive Distributors.

For more information about these new Jarvis stunners, please contact:

Bunzl Distribution USA:
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Website: www.bunzldistribution.com


Jarvis President Vincent R. Volpe:
Tel: 860 347-7271
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Website: www.jarvisproducts.com