Blue Grass Quality Meats, located in Erlanger, Ky., is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2017. The company has been owned and operated by the Rice family for five generations. The company manufactures a full line of deli meats, ham, bacon, roast beef, turkey breast and cooked dinner sausage. Along with a nationwide private label program, Blue Grass make products under the Blue Grass, Kentucky’s Best, Harvest, and Family Brand names.

To commemorate this anniversary, the company released the following statement:

“The world has certainly changed since 1867, which is when the Rice family first started creating flavorful memories.  And while other companies have made it a practice to create short cuts, Blue Grass Quality Meats is totally content and proud to share that even after five generations, Blue Grass Quality Meats are still made with great attention and care.

After all, there are no shortcuts to quality.

Blue Grass Quality Meats are created with quality pork, quality turkey breasts and quality beef.  Only the finest ingredients mixed with real spices can create such unique, quality products, which have become favorites of our family, friends and customers everywhere.

We like to think that the only way you can experience the great taste of Blue Grass Quality Meats is the way that our great, great grandparents would have served it to you.  Our grandparents always said, “We like to keep our Blue Grass brand the way we like to eat it.”

Even though the world keeps changing, it’s nice to know some things will never change,

Our timeline…
1867 – Christopher Rice opens butcher shop on Madison Avenue in Covington, KY.

1905 – Christopher Rice II takes over the business as 2nd generation owner

1912 – Opened C. Rice Packing on Patton and Eastern Avenue in Covington, KY, in the building which                                           previously was the Vinegar Works

1916 –  Christopher Rice II dies and his wife takes over the business with the help of their three sons, Clarence, Bernard and James

1940 – Purchased Weis Packing in Maysville, KY.   Bernard Rice was sent to run the company which burned to the ground in 1945

1945 – Purchased Haehnle Provision Company at 12th and Fisk Street in Covington, KY, which was remodeled and became Blue Grass Provision Company

1963 – Bernard Rice takes over business as 3rd generation owner

1972 – Builds new production facility in Erlanger, KY

1974 –  Bernard’s sons Bill, Glenn and Jay Rice take over as fourth generation owners

1982 – First expansion added 15,000 square feet for dry storage plus expand sausage kitchen

1985 – Added another smokehouse

1987 – Added another smokehouse

2000 – Bill’s sons Paul and Steve, and Glenn’s son Dan and daughter Aurelia Rice take over as 5th generation owners

2002 – Company expands production facility in Erlanger, KY, adding another 15,000 square feet and three more smokehouses

2014 – Acquired Harvest and Family Brand from Ohio Packing Company, Columbus, OH

2017 – Celebrating 150 years of family ownership

Our philosophy…
We believe our customers are entitled to wholesome, quality products, and reliable service at a fair price.

We believe our employees knowledge, skills, dedication, and loyalty are our most vital resource.  We are committed to provide satisfying jobs for our employees with good wages, benefits, and opportunities for development and advancement.

We believe our suppliers have a vital role in the profitability of our company and can best serve us with consistent supplies as well as introducing new ideas. Our suppliers are entitled to courteous reception and prompt payment.

We believe our community has a right to expect our company to be a good neighbor and to promote active support and involvement in the progress and development of the community.

We believe in the vitality of our democratic form of government and the strength of the free enterprise system upon which America’s prosperity has been built. Our government has the right to expect us to be a law-abiding citizen, honest and forthright in the manner we conduct our business.

Our 150th year…
Blue Grass Quality Meats will be celebrating the 150-year anniversary through community cookouts and sponsorship of church festivals. This is a good way to say thank you to those who have supported the company for many generations and welcome those new to our trade area.

Our future…
Groom the 6th generation of family owners instilling the commitment to quality that has been passed down through generations.

Continue to evolve our product offerings to be in line with the interest of modern consumers without sacrificing old fashioned goodness that is synonymous with our brands.

Continue to tell our story and introduce our products to consumers who are strangers to our brands in both new and existing markets."

Source: Blue Grass Quality Meats