The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) Scholarship Foundation has announced the recipients of its 2017-2018 undergraduate scholarship awards.  Eleven high-performing undergraduate students received a combined total of $55,000 dollars to pursue degrees in animal, meat and food science, and in culinary arts.

Jessie Van Buren received the Frank DeBenedetti Memorial Scholarship to continue her studies in animal science and mathematics at the University of Idaho.  Cole Perkins, who is majoring in animal science at Texas Tech University, received the John Duyn award, while Madison Comes, an animal science major at Colorado State University received the Florence Smith Powers scholarship.  Jacob Tuell was awarded the Al Piccetti scholarship to pursue his degree in animal sciences and products at Purdue University.  Carson Moreland received the Robert Hatoff “Center of the Plate” Memorial Scholarship to advance his studies in culinary arts and business administration at the Culinary Institute of America.  In addition, Shelby Schiefelbein, who is pursuing a degree in animal science at Texas A&M University, received the Rosemary Mucklow Scholarship. 

Meanwhile, Kirby Bohls, animal science major at Texas A&M University; Terrell Platt, animal science and agribusiness major at Colorado State University; Isaac Riley, animal and veterinary science major at University of Idaho; Tyler Madison Roberts, animal science and agriculture communications and journalism major at Texas A&M University; and Elizabeth Zuber, animal science major at Iowa State University each received NAMI Undergraduate Scholarships. 

“The Meat Institute Scholarship Foundation congratulates these exemplary students on their impressive record of academic achievement, leadership and service,” said NAMI Scholarship President Mike Gangel.  “These high-performing students represent the bright future of our industry and we hope the scholarships will help them achieve their academic and extracurricular goals.” 

Each year, the NAMI Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships to eligible sophomores, juniors and seniors attending accredited four-year colleges or universities who are enrolled in an approved animal, meat or food science degree or culinary arts program.  Award recipients must remain in good academic standing and maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale.    

In addition to President Mike Gangel, the Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors includes Mike Satzow, North Country Smokehouse; Michael Strauss, industry consultant; Jimmy Maxey, Certified Meat Products; Ron Gustafson, Coast Packing Company; and Rosemary Mucklow, director emeritus of the North American Meat Institute. 

Source: NAMI