Foodmate B.V. is now offering Foodmate CONNECT, a remote video conferencing system that will allow service technicians to address customer questions and technical issues remotely.

With CONNECT, customers will receive two IP65 certified camera’s and software that will link the customer to a Foodmate service technician. A smartphone can be used to connect to the system and the customer can receive live instructions from Foodmate. When WI-FI is not available on a location, a mobile hotspot device is provided.

“Through the CONNECT video and audio feeds, our technicians help resolve our customers questions and provide live step by step instructions to correct any technical issues,” Foodmate B.V. President David Hazenbroek said. “Especially with COVID-19 related travel restrictions in some areas of the world, this will allow Foodmate to provide one-on-one video assistance without being onsite. CONNECT will be beneficial to our customers even after the pandemic, giving them immediate access to our service technicians.”

Foodmate CONNECT is currently only available through Foodmate B.V. for European, Asian and South American markets; the plan is to have the program rolled out for Foodmate US customers in the U.S. and Canada later in the year.

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