During the pandemic, Marvell Foods played a significant role in the country, helping food manufacturers keep their "lines" running, employees working, and aiding millions of American families suffering from food insecurity. Commencing in September 2020, Marvell Foods participated in the third round of the USDA Farmers to Families Food Box Program, acting as a supplier/distributor working with some of the largest food manufacturers—beef, poultry, and working as a liaison/broker on behalf of BOA Holders and Awardees who won bids to supply food boxes to food-insecure American families suffering during the peak of the pandemic. 

Through the balance of 2020, Marvell Foods continued to work with food manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers for the additional rounds of multi-billion-dollar funding—Rounds Four and Round 5 of the Farmers to Families Food Box Program. All told, Marvell Foods played a significant role in working with manufacturers, awardees, and food banks across the country by fostering, facilitating, and supplying nearly 10 million pounds of food to millions of American families coast to coast.

"After our successful experience working with some of the largest food manufacturers during the pandemic, it became clear there was an excellent opportunity to leverage our foray into the USDA by securing other government certifications," says Marilyn Raybin, president of Marvell Foods.

After nearly a year of providing extensive due diligence, working with assorted government departments, lengthy and costly audits, letters of recommendation, and other tedious proofs, Marvell Foods obtained several hard-earned government certifications.

"Not only are we an official and properly certified minority woman-owned business," says Raybin, whose father started and owned White Star Packing in NYC, and was the the original producer of the world-famous Ferris Stahl Meyer Hot Dog, “We have reached a new corporate milestone with more than six government approvals that now immediately allow us to bid on and work with food manufacturers, processors, suppliers, and cookers to offer food—meat and poultry, and other products—to a host of government programs, from the military to school programs, senior programs and federal contract programs that ear-mark set-asides and incentives for a company like Marvell Foods.”

Source: Marvell Foods