California-based Olli Salumeria is on a mission to help foodies tap into the booming trend of charcuterie through convenient new antipasto products, pairing and serving ideas, and other ways to serve-up the traditional flavors of Italian charcuterie at any gathering, party or celebration this holiday season.

This week, Olli officially launches its new Olli Cornichons & Onions Antipasto Tray, the latest offering in the company’s line of convenient packaged charcuterie appetizers. This newest flavor, combining sliced, slow-cured Olli Hard Salami and Italian dry salami with cheddar cheese curds, pickled cornichons and onions, joins four other Olli Antipasto Tray pairings including Parmesan & Frescatrano; cheddar & jalapeño, plus two all meat varieties featuring a selection of Olli’s famous Italian-style salami.

Olli’s Cornichons & Onion Antipasto Tray will be available at supermarkets nationwide and select retailers starting in November for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $16.99 - $19.99.

Launched in 2019, Olli Antipasto Trays leverage the current charcuterie craze with ready-to-serve plates of slow-cured salami, high-quality cheeses and other accompaniments. Designed to make entertaining easier, Olli Antipasto Trays offer a gluten-free and keto-friendly group appetizer featuring salami made from simple, natural ingredients that are hormone- and antibiotic-free, and slow-cured according to multi-generational Italian family recipes.

In addition to serving as a ready-to-enjoy appetizer that delivers the on-trend flavors of charcuterie in a compartmentalized resealable package, Olli Antipasto Trays are also being launched in time for the holiday season, as a starting point for charcuterie boards and platters served at family gatherings, office holiday parties and more.

“Charcuterie is a traditional part of Italian family gatherings, year-round and especially during the holidays,” explained Olli Salumeria President Oliviero Colmignoli. “Since we are continually looking for new ways to introduce the distinctive flavor of our slow-cured salami with U.S. consumers, what better way than to expand our antipasto offerings and provide resources that cater to the growing trend of charcuterie in the United States?”

Charcuterie became increasingly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, as consumers sought exciting, premium foods at home. Online searches about charcuterie grew nearly 300% through 2021, with continued interest in the post-pandemic period. There is a spike in popularity for charcuterie in November and December each year, as the shared appetizer is a favorite offering at holiday celebrations, family meals and other group gatherings.

To further tap into the growing craze for Italian-style salami appetizers, Olli Salumeria is introducing a series of charcuterie resources on starting in November, that help the public better understand charcuterie, select favorite flavors, provide pairing suggestions, serving ideas and more. The series launches with a pairing chart that aligns each Olli salami variety with the optimal wine and cheese flavor – all selected by Olli’s master charcuterist, Enrico Porrino.

“While Olli Antipasto Trays can be enjoyed right out of the packaging, there has been a surge in consumer interest for increasingly elaborate, stylized charcuterie boards that blend traditional favorites like salami and cheese with a broad range of unique accompaniments,” said Porrino. “For those who are more adventurous with their charcuterie creations, Olli Antipasto Trays provide a great starting point, which we then support with pairing suggestions and serving ideas that encourage creative and fun ways to make your own board.”

Led by Colmignoli, the grandson of cured-meat legend Ferruccio Fiorucci, Olli Salumeria is driven to introducing Americans to the sweeter, less acidic taste of salami slow-cured in the Italian method. From state-of-the-art processing facilities, Olli Salumeria combines genuine old-world family recipes, curing techniques and quality ingredients with a commitment to becoming the first 100% preservative-free Italian salami producer in America.

Olli Antipasto Trays can be found nationally via Kroger and Whole Foods, Publix, select Raley’s locations, and at an increasing number of regional supermarkets and specialty retailers across the country.

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Source: Olli Salumeria