NaturalShrimp Inc., a biotechnology aquaculture company that has developed and patented the first shrimp-focused commercially operational RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System), is providing an update on its partnership with US Foods, South Texas area, including an exclusive grow out program for their customers in Austin, Houston and San Antonio.

US Foods is one of America’s food companies and a foodservice distributor, partnering with approximately 250,000 restaurants and foodservice operators to help their businesses succeed. With 70 broadline locations and more than 80 cash-and-carry stores, US Foods — and its 28,000 associates — provides its customers with a broad and innovative food offering and a comprehensive suite of e-commerce, technology, and business solutions.

NaturalShrimp has recently commenced deliveries of fresh shrimp to customers of US Foods, Southern Texas division, as part of a strategic program to educate and build interest in the product. Weekly deliveries and route cycles have been finalized and are supported with training, education, and marketing collateral.

“We are receiving strong interest as we begin to ramp up our partnership program with US Foods, supported by their professional and supportive team in the foodservices’ channel,” said Marco van den Berg, NaturalShrimp VP of sales and marketing. “We are building a great partnership that perfectly complements our grow out program and will aggressively drive our regional, weighted distribution model.”

“Looking ahead, with growing support for local producers and top-tier customers looking to differentiate their product offering from the rest of the industry, we are receiving requests to expand the Southern Division distribution model in other US Foods divisions/hubs, which will be supplied by our Iowa facility. We are also working on a new program, with two additional SKUs, to be implemented towards the latter part of Q2 2023 that will ensure maximizing shelf life and significantly increasing our marketing efforts[,]" van den Berg said. "We are excited to continue working with US Foods to build on our partnership and look toward expanding the program regionally and nationally.”

Source: NaturalShrimp