The American Veal Association Board of Directors has named Sonia Arnold, Ph.D., president of the organization, which represents businesses and individuals in the milk-fed veal industry. Arnold, currently manager of nutrition, research, and quality control at Marcho Farms in Souderton, Pennsylvania, has an extensive background in dairy farming, dairy science and animal nutrition. 

Arnold was elected at the January 2023 meeting and assumes the position previously held by Robert Supancik, Formula-One Feeds Inc.

Part of Arnold’s charge in 2023 is to lead the effort to develop AVA Ethical Commitments, measurable objectives and goals providing assurances to consumers that animals raised for veal are well cared for and raised in a sustainable way, and that the veal they buy is safe and nutritious.  

“As an organization, we’re driven by the values and beliefs of our members that are currently summarized in our Statement of Principles. However, in 2023 we’re taking our commitment a step further,” said Arnold.

The American Veal Association, founded in 1984, is a member-driven organization that represents businesses, individuals and approximately 400 farm families engaged in the milk-fed veal industry.

Source: American Veal Association