The makers of the Fontanini brand are launching Fontanini Cup & Char Sausage, a first-of-its-kind product in the pizza topping industry. This cutting-edge foodservice product, which features Italian flavors and uniquely crispy, caramelized edges, promises to add a distinctive touch to any pizza pie.

As a key player in the foodservice and pizza industry, Hormel Foods continuously innovates its product portfolio to provide the most food-forward product offerings to its customers and consumers. This commitment to innovation has led to the creation of the Fontanini Cup & Char Sausage.

According to Carson Williams, brand manager for Foodservice at Hormel Foods, the Fontanini Cup & Char Sausage is the latest addition to the company's portfolio of Italian meats. "We are continuously innovating our product portfolio to wow our customers and consumers across the globe with items that have been crafted over generations, using only the most premium ingredients," said Williams. "We make sure our pizza toppings are distinctive, delicious and have the appeal you can only get from generations of craft and care."

Hormel Foods has a long-standing reputation for creating innovative products for foodservice providers, including its signature curl and charred Rosa Grande Pepperoni. Additionally, Fontanini Cup & Char Sausage reignites the long-standing debate in the pizza world: should pepperoni lie flat on a pie or curl up? While the pepperoni debate is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon, this new innovation offers a new twist to the debate.

To experience this new authentic and handmade Fontanini Cup & Char Sausage, stop by Hormel Foods' booth (#1827) at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Source: Fontanini brand (Hormel Foods)