April is Earth Month and the ideal time for the American Lamb Board (ALB) to release a new grazing video featuring the benefits of sheep grazing. The video features American lamb farmers and ranchers across the U.S. using sheep to enhance landscapes, improve habitat, support wildfire prevention and even help other industries be more sustainable, as sheep offer natural weed control around vineyards and solar operations.

The American Lamb Board is promoting the new video on social media through a virtual video “Premier” for media and influencers and through a campaign with Outside Inc. The campaign will drive views of ALB’s grazing video on the Outdoor network and will generate over 4 million impressions.

Outside Inc. is an active lifestyle media brand. In addition to print, the network features video programming on the company’s cable, satellite and broadband providers’ sports and entertainment offerings related to various outdoor activities and the lives of those who engage in them.

The campaign includes a mixture of display ads on Outside’s website, video advertisements on Outside TV, social media promotion and a custom content piece. Outside will feature an article on their website about the sheep industry’s sustainability efforts with embedded content from ALB’s grazing video.

The campaign is set to run throughout April and May 2023.

“Outside’s vast network of followers are sustainability-minded and serious about nutrition,” says ALB Chairman Peter Camino of Buffalo, Wyoming. “We are capitalizing on this opportunity to increase consumer awareness and familiarity with American [lamb] as a healthy and sustainably produced protein.”

Funded through the national American Lamb Checkoff, the ALB invests the industry’s valuable resources to foster profitability and create opportunities for all sectors involved in producing American lamb. All segments of the American lamb industry contribute to building the demand for American lamb through mandatory checkoff payments. Unlike other U.S. livestock checkoffs, funding is only collected from domestic lamb, not imported lamb. This allows ALB to focus all its efforts on increasing demand for American lamb.

More information about ALB and the American Lamb Checkoff is available at LambResourceCenter.com.

Source: American Lamb Board