Country Archer Provisions is announcing the launch of its new protein-packed snack line: Zero-Sugar Smoked Sausages. Available in two bold flavors, Original and Fuego, Smoked Sausages deliver a smokey, savory snacking experience in a bite-sized format. Country Archer Zero-Sugar Smoked Sausages are available now nationwide.

As the first and only better-for-you smoked sausages on the market, Country Archer Zero-Sugar Smoked Sausages stand out from the crowd by delivering a premium taste profile with real ingredients you can pronounce, uniquely positioned to offer both superior nutrition and flavor.

“Our mission at Country Archer is to deliver a premium snacking experience, with clean, better-for-you ingredients and mind-blowing tastes and textures,” said co-founder and CEO of Country Archer Provisions, Eugene Kang. “Based on the overwhelming love for our zero-sugar jerky line and grass-fed meat sticks, we wanted to create a smoked sausage line that has that nostalgic campfire taste and meaty texture with the same benefits of having no sugar or the questionable ingredients you typically find in other sausages.”

Each Smoked Sausage bite provides an option for the growing wave of consumers vigilant about the impact their food choices have not only on themselves, but also the planet, people and animals. Every Smoked Sausage batch is crafted from real ingredients including a premium blend of 100% grass-fed beef from pasture-raised sources and 100% gourmet cuts of natural, antibiotic-free pork with no added preservatives, MSG, nitrites or nitrates. Flavor details include:

  • Original – a timeless blend of natural smoke and spices, including cracked pepper and garlic, for a classic and nostalgic campfire flavor.
  • Fuego – a fiery blend of red and white pepper, habanero, and chili powder that delivers a warm kick for spice fans.

Country Archer’s Zero-Sugar Smoked Sausages are packed with 9 grams of protein per serving, 0 grams of sugar and just 100 calories. The product is available now at Albertson’s and Safeway stores nationwide, Hudson News, Wawa Convenience Stores & Gas Stations, Amazon and, with additional retailers to follow this year.

Source: Country Archer Provisions