Panera is announcing the addition of a new chef-curated recipe to its popular line of Toasted Baguette sandwiches: the Black Forest Ham & Gouda Melt. Panera's line of Toasted Baguettes, which launched this January, has quickly become its top-earning sandwich, so Panera's chefs have unveiled a new creation featuring Black Forest Ham, Panera's new country mustard, arugula and smoked gouda on a toasted baguette. MyPanera members nationwide will have the opportunity to be the first to try the new Black Forest Ham & Gouda Melt through exclusive early access to the item for a limited time from June 12–21.  The new sandwich will be available nationwide starting June 22.

The new Black Forest Ham & Gouda Melt joins three other handcrafted Toasted Baguette flavor offerings — Green Goddess Caprese Melt, Pepperoni Mozzarella Melt and Smoky Buffalo Chicken Melt. The abundant sandwiches start at $9.49 each plus tax and are prepared with Clean ingredients in bold and fresh recipes. Also coming to the menu is a new Deli Ham sandwich crafted with Black Forest Ham, emerald greens, vine-ripened tomatoes, red onions, Panera's new country mustard, salt and pepper on Country Rustic Sourdough. That sandwich will be starting at $8.99 plus tax.

"We're so excited to bring ham back onto the Panera menu, and our focus was on enhancing these sandwiches with amazing, unforgettable flavor that we knew our guests would love," said Claes Petersson, head chef for Panera Bread. "Our chefs created our new delicious country mustard, finding the perfect blend of three mustards to compliment the flavors and create two irresistible new menu items we can't wait for guests to try."

These new sandwiches expand the suite of options for Panera's Value Duets and Family Feasts — value upgrades include:

  • Expansion of Panera Value Duets offerings to include Deli Ham Sandwich & Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup.
  • Expansion of Panera Family Feasts with Baguette Sandwich Bundles:
    • 3 Toasted Baguette Family Feast — includes 3 Toasted Baguettes, a Quart of Soup and choice of Greek or Caesar Salad
    • 4 Toasted Baguette Family Feast — includes 4 Toasted Baguettes, a Quart of Soup and choice of Greek or Caesar Salad

Early access for MyPanera members to try the Black Forest Ham & Gouda Melt begins June 12 through June 21, 2023. Early access is available on digital orders only as an exclusive perk for MyPanera members. By simply logging in with a MyPanera account, members can easily order the Black Forest Ham & Gouda Melt before it's available to all guests nationwide.

"At Panera, two of our top priorities for our guests are delicious taste and incredible value," said Eduardo Luz, chief brand & concept officer for Panera Bread. "Our popular Toasted Baguette platform will now give guests even more options for exceptional taste in an abundant sandwich option that's perfect for lunch or dinner."

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Source: Panera Bread