Habit Burger Grill, the California-based restaurant company known for its award-winning Charburgers grilled over an open flame, signature sandwiches, fresh salads, and more, announces the launch of their limited-time-only, brand-new Korean BBQ Charburger, available starting Sept. 6.

The rise and influence of South Korean culture across the globe has been significant— music, streaming drama shows, beauty industry, cuisine — and The Habit Burger Grill wants to bring the popular flavors of Korea to its fans across the nation. The Korean BBQ Char harmoniously fuses the traditional Korean side-dish staple of kimchi — highlighting its acidity and zesty tang — with the umami flavors of succulent teriyaki-braised shredded beef, melted cheese, and caramelized onion atop The Habit Burger Grill’s famous chargrilled burger patty. It is completed with fresh sliced tomato, crisp green leaf lettuce, and a house-made soy garlic aioli that adds the final touch of flavor, all layered inside a toasted brioche bun.

“We have a longstanding tradition of introducing popular flavors through limited-time offers on our menu,” said Jack Hinchliffe, chief marketing officer of The Habit Burger Grill. “Our goal was to craft a burger that truly brings Korean-inspired flavors to life. The Korean BBQ Char is a fusion of our signature chargrilled smokiness, skillfully blended with marinated and braised shredded beef and topped with a kick of tangy kimchi. Together, these elements create an irresistible burger you've simply got to try."

Starting Sept. 6, the Korean BBQ Char is available at participating Habit Burger Grill restaurants throughout the U.S.

The Habit Burger Grill was named in Thrillist’s list of “Underrated Burger Chains that Need to be in Every State.” With its cooked-to-order mantra, The Habit Burger Grill’s open flame sears a distinctive smoky flavor into their famous Charburgers, fresh marinated chicken, and sushi-grade ahi tuna. Guests at The Habit Burger Grill can always count on freshly-made, handcrafted quality served up with genuine hospitality.

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Source: The Habit Burger Grill