Handtmann ConProLinkHandtmann Inc. announced the availability of the new Handtmann ConProLink system with its hanging function that takes sausage production to another level, combining the advanced Handtmann engineering that enables linking and hanging in a continuous process with state-of-the-art Handtmann co-extrusion technology and the advantages of species-neutral vegetable alginate casings.

The new higher-volume ConProLink 400 and 200 modular configurations consist of either a Handtmann VF 628 or VF 616 portioner and Handtmann KV VLSH 162 Automatic Hanging unit. A Handtmann VF 608 flows the alginate solution to the system’s proprietary linking/co-extrusion head, enabling innovative product solutions and assuring the speed and efficiency of highly economical continuous production.

Handtmann’s technology portions the filling and meters the alginate casing precisely to within 1% of the specified weight and uses its linking/co-extrusion head and voider to link the products and hang them in pairs for further processing.

The bite, texture, thickness, color and taste of the alginate casing can be customized in a variety of ways. According to Patrick McGady, Handtmann U.S. Sales Manager, “The alginate casing gives customers the ability to operate continuously with better particle definition when compared to hog casings. Customers are also telling us their alginate casings are giving them a clean bite into the meat with no after-bite or chewiness.”

The flexibility of many different product attribute options delivered by the casing is creating completely new opportunities for companies that want to rapidly develop, design and market innovative products to meet ever-changing customer and consumer demands. McGady notes that customers are taking advantage of the additional flexibility that 8 different co-extrusion heads are “…providing their product development teams with easy adjustments that let them evaluate more variations and reduce their development time.”

The ConProLink’s continuous production system also supports excellent shelf life with its hygienic design and easy cleaning, which also makes it ideal for Kosher, Halal and vegetarian products. A consistent premium appearance with well-formed ends -- even with semi-viscous products -- is a hallmark of Handtmann ConPro products. ConProLink also enables production cost reductions up to 40% when compared to equivalent natural or artificial casing products and provides these benefits in a diverse range of applications for fresh, cooked, mold-ripened and raw sausage products. And, because of its flexible adjustments and precise control, ConProLink e even offers enormous potential with pasty products.

While ConProLink systems deliver renowned Handtmann weight accuracy, they also reduce giveaway and create their consistently natural looking ends at up to 300 portions/minute (depending on product and lengths) in caliber ranges from 13?28 mm and in lengths from 80 mm. Finally, ConPro’s continuous production design lowers labor requirements, improves hygiene, reduces energy consumption and minimizes space requirements. Proof of value for Handtmann ConProLink is visible in the quality of your product and felt in the efficiency of your line. Contact your Handtmann Territory Manager today for more information or a demonstration.

Handtmann specializes in best-of-breed portioning, linking and hanging equipment for the meat industry. Patented Handtmann vane cell technology, known for operating with 1% accuracy, is also valuable in the bakery industry where it reduces friction, smearing and temperature rise while gently dividing both traditional and gluten-free doughs. Handtmann Inc. and Handtmann Canada Ltd. are the wholly owned North American subsidiaries of Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH, a leading global technology solutions provider to the food processing industry. The Handtmann group is a family owned business established in 1873 and headquartered in Biberach, Germany.

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