After a careful study of the organics market and the creation of a detailed organic development process, Symrise has announced that the company has released a portfolio of twenty seasoning blends pending organic certification with QAI. According to Chris Santilli, Symrise’s Vice President, Sales, North America, this initial launch features five seasoning blends in each of four product categories: dairy, barbeque, sweet and heat.

In the past, those who have attempted to enter the organic seasoning market underestimated the complexity involved in creating and commercializing certified organic seasonings.  Identifying and sourcing a vast number of diverse ingredients across many formulations is staggering in terms of compatibility, functionality and the certification process. Mr. Santilli pointed out, “It’s taken Symrise a while to develop organic seasonings because we wanted to get it right the first time. We avoided the temptation to rush and decided to move slowly and carefully, working diligently to overcome challenges related to supply chain and sourcing, seasoning development, manufacturing/blending, third party certification and regulatory support. We fully understand the complexities of bringing great taste to consumers of certified USDA Organic Snacks. 

Symrise has put into place a complete, well-rounded process for organic certification, partnering with Quality Assurance International (QAI), a pioneer in the organic certification industry and a leading advocate for certified organic production. The Symrise regulatory team works closely with QAI, submitting formulations and providing information on all ingredients used in the blends to enhance and expedite the certification process. In addition, Symrise has received organic certification for all of its production facilities operating in North America.

Before committing to leadership in the organic seasonings market, Symrise looked closely at the marketplace. Consumers perceive organic as a benefit not only to their own personal health, but also as part of an overall strategy for ensuring a sustainable future. Data shows that the organic market is expected to grow by 60% between 2016 and 2021, to upwards of 745 million dollars.

One of the key drivers of that growth is consumer interest in healthy snacks, notably rice and bean-based snacks such as lentil chips and veggie chips, which directly impacts the need for organic seasonings.  Craig Zurlini, Savory Category Director, stated “Millennials, the primary consumer influencers, are increasingly looking for organic ingredients to support their interest and perceptions. Organic has evolved into one of the primary must-have components when it comes to ‘better for you’ choices.” 

Symrise can be considered a source of authenticity in the organic seasonings segment based on the company’s substantial seasonings portfolio, flavor expertise and culinary knowledge. Turning to Symrise for organic seasonings has crucial advantages when compared to companies that are focused on spice seasoning production, because they don’t offer the vast capabilities that Symrise can provide. “When it comes to consumer insights, marketing support, testing capabilities and all-around flavor development, spice companies cannot match the depth of our understanding of taste and flavor,” Mr. Zurlini added. This expertise is essential in overcoming the bland characteristics associated with some organic ingredients.

Symrise’s venture into organic seasonings will continue beyond this initial launch, with additional organic seasoning blends currently in development. The company is also looking forward to partnering with customers in the creation and development of custom organic seasonings to meet their specific and unique product requirements.

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