Ever had the meat sweats?

I sure have.

For a long time, I endured them in silence, particularly after eating a lot of barbecue. I figured it was just me, until a friend of mine mentioned having them too. Turns out, everybody gets the meat sweats.

When the body metabolizes food, it requires energy. Medical studies show that the body's energy use cranks up by about 25% when digesting a big meal. That increased energy expenditure creates heat known as the “thermic effect of food,” which can raise the body’s temperature. Different types of food require varying amounts of energy to digest, and protein requires the most.

In one of the more unexpected co-branding tie-in pairings I’ve seen, quick-service roast beef sandwich chain Arby’s is teaming up with the men’s deodorant brand Old Spice to mitigate the meat sweats.   

Their new ad features the iconic “We have the meats” voice of longtime Arby’s pitchman Ving Rhames along Old Spice pitchman Isaiah Mustafa. The pair are part of a larger promotion centered on a limited-time offer Meat Sweat Defense Kit, which includes a roast beef-patterned sweatshirt and sweatpants, co-branded towel, sweatband and two Old Spice dry sprays.

“A collaboration between Old Spice and Arby’s makes all the sense in the world to hilariously solve the age-old problem of the notorious meat sweats that we’ve all faced at some point in our lives,” said Matt Krehbiel, Old Spice vice president at Procter & Gamble, which markets the brand.

The ads will run on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok along with paid support on social media platforms. As part of the promotion’s launch, Mustafa appeared as the Old Spice Guy in an Old Spice- and Arby’s-themed SUV and handed out Sweat Defense dry sprays, Arby’s gift cards and Meat Sweat Defense kits around New York.