Greater Omaha Packing Co. is donating 27,600 pounds of ground beef and $105,000 in monetary support to aid the Ukrainian people during their ongoing conflict with Russia.

Greater Omaha Packing estimates its beef donation to the Ukrainian people will provide more than 100,000 meals for Ukrainian soldiers and people in need.

“At Greater Omaha Packing, we are blessed to live in a country where our freedoms and individuality are protected in democracy,” Greater Omaha Packing CEO Henry Davis said. “Ukrainians have been fighting to save their country’s journey to be free, and we are honored to support them.”

The ground beef is being delivered in two shipments, with the first having arrived in Ukraine on April 27 via airfreight. The second shipment is scheduled for May 13 delivery via cargo ship and is set to arrive in Germany. Premium Foods Promotion, a Ukrainian company, will then deliver the ground beef to Ukraine. Greater Omaha Packing elected to deliver the beef in two shipments to get ground beef to Ukraine as quickly as possible because of the urgency of the need on the front lines.

“At Greater Omaha Packing, our mission is simple: to produce the finest beef products, honor our commitments, respect our employees and be good stewards,” Davis said. “It is a natural outpouring of those goals that we support Ukrainians in their time of need.”

He said with Ukrainians enduring the “senseless murders and injuring of nonviolent citizens and destruction of a peaceful country” that Greater Omaha Packing had to get involved with relief efforts, adding that Greater Omaha Packing is considering shipping future charitable donations to support Ukrainians.

“I am gathering information from the contacts in the Ukraine who are facilitating the distribution of the Greater Omaha Packing beef and requesting from them their most critical needs and how best they can be supported,” Davis said.

The beef and cash shipments to support Ukraine join Greater Omaha Packing’s previous charitable feeding and funding efforts, including Project Harmony, Completely Kids, Kiewit Luminarium, North Star and Joslyn Museum.